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    Mapper,a great one. Student,a bad one.
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    Video games,Eminem,Comedy shows,Making maps for MTA.

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  1. My suggestion Don't waste your time on it
  2. Pro mapper, Rudransh?made my day thanks dude
  3. This is just a very simple map spammed with crates.
  4. You can check all the mods by press F5 in the map editor and spawning the moded vehicle.
  5. You can't delete those flowers I think.
  6. Thanks I have other bases too,but more members for making it better?I don't get it.
  7. Here is a big and good gang base in Las Venturas,watch the video If you want it,we can talk about it.Send me a PM or add my skype written down on my signature.
  8. Use a51_jetdoor or cuntyeland.
  9. Derp42

    Jail Interior.

    Hello everyone, I've made another custom jail interior but this time it is bigger and better,Watch the Video. If you want it,then send me a PM or add my skype down on my signature.
  10. If you are willing to pay,then sure.
  11. You guys need a mapper?Add my skype.
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