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Problem in Mta

Abdul KariM



I have no problem in the game mta

Engage the game while the painting remains Thabty not send me to the game

This picture of clarification


While Achglha once again operate with me from the first time I was to Atchetgl

I want a solution to this problem, please

Before I was to operate from after two Mafaramtaat must Achglha twice to operate Mai game

Waiting Halolkm thank you and sorry for the inconvenience

good bay

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It deleted the game and snap it again and I did the same problem

Write me in this MTADiag


MTADiag v.7.13 by Towncivilian

MTA install path : G:/Mta-sa

Mta version : 1.41-9.07239.0.000

DirectX is up-to-date.

Checking 23 out of 383...Missing GTA file: \audio\streams\ADVERTS

Checking 25 out of 383...Missing GTA file: \audio\streams\BEATS

Checking 26 out of 383...Missing GTA file: \audio\streams\CUTSCENE

Checking 383 out of 383...


I have 3 files incomplete raises me I ask you a


Second: BEATS


This missing my files I ask you to lift them to me and you thank you

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