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Progress bar in circle


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Hi guys.

Today i want to make a progress bar in circle. I try somethings with this : viewtopic.php?f=108&t=33342

I want to make a circle with life and armor ( or other else ranging from 0 to 100 ) like :

0 to 180° = life - who start at 0° ( counterclockwise of a watch )

0 to 180° = armor - who start at 0° ( clockwise )

But, what are calculation and image who i whould take to make it ?

I thinks it's a big question. Thanks all !

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Top Posters In This Topic

I do That :
local hpMin = 176 
    local hpMax = 135 
    local hpRate = hpMin-hpMax 
    local hp = hpMin-((getElementHealth(getLocalPlayer())*hpRate)/100) 
    dxDrawCircle( 220,796,110, 15,0.01,hp,hpMin,tocolor(255,0,0,255)) 

gave right?

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Thanks but at 1HP the progress bar isn't correct. Look.

try this

local hp = hpMin-getElementHealth(getLocalPlayer())*hpRate 


No errors.

i already try this :

    dxDrawCircle( 220,796,110, 15,0.01,hp,hpMin,tocolor(255,0,0,255)) 

But no change.

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