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  1. No it's not, You can for example use it as a background for a login panel or something like that ..
  2. it's works 100% with Windows 10 But i'm leaving the community to create my own game Peace
  3. That's resource is crap need alot of fixes, it's made in 2012 and i'm out of MTA Scripting
  4. You've to add resource to acl.xml in admin group
  5. setElementData can do it
  6. the arguments in a function with setTimer arguments comes after arguments of setTimer,it's u've to write only function and arguments in end it's the same
  7. Why are u using element data while u can do this cuz blip is global defined function baseblip(player) if (not blip) then blip = createBlip ( 1972.5458984375, -1113.5166015625, 25.628751754761, 59,2,0,0,0, 255,0, 99999) else destroyElement(blip) end addCommandHandler("baseblips",baseblip) that's simple
  8. that will take much more of ur memory the only way to to draw the image of it
  9. Thanks I used those shaders to make it
  10. Maybe, a resource is already running such as : freeroam or something or maybe check ur script if has something like setElementModel Func or spawnPlayer func has got an fail argument
  11. nah, not filling screen
  12. Hi guys, I wanted to make a blur window So can u tell me guys, how to apply shader on a dx rectangle,plz I really need that fast
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