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Hello viewer,

I was wondering how can I disable all the car mods when I am playing.I mean someone joins your server and he has a bad ping and he want to disable his mods how can I make a script to disable/enable mods when a player wants to disable his mods if he has a bad ping

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I guess it's not about ping, but FPS. High quality vehicle mods can drastically reduce FPS on outdated hardware.

The FPS isnt't the real problem. If the server has vehicle skins then the clients will need to download them. And as he said if the player has big ping then the download of the skins would take really long time.

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Both can be problem , FPS because as MrTasty already said because of some quality mods which can cause problems on old hardware and Ping because some peoples simply have bad internet , and they will need to wait a lot of time to play in server while they wait, ping will be high.

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