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  1. Hello before couple of weeks we re-opened San Andreas Supreme Gaming - Destruction Derby server which was created 17.01.2016 by Fantasix, Caiman and Warz.The server is good itself. The server has :Statistics, money, points, time in the server, shop, over 150 maps, settings, different shaders, achievements, top times, winners, radio, replaced textures, and over 15 radios to listen while playing! + a much more, join the server and discover them. The server also has VIP system, with a lot cool stuff for cheap prize.Picture from our VIP panel. Click This is the server IP: mtasa:// Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/sasgmta/photos/?tab=album&album_id=487406208128795 Our website: http://sasg.webs.com/
  2. Hey, my name is jorko99. I'm searching for a Awesome Destruction Derby Mod, I will pay for it and I want to see screenshots of it.
  3. jorko99

    Dayz Gamemode

    Hello I need help with the dayz gamemode since when i install it and when i get killed by the zombies I dont get respawned and I tried to install like 2 -3 gamemodes but same problem
  4. jorko99

    SNow map

    Hey guys I am looking if someone has got a snow map
  5. Hello I was wondering if this a MTA problem because all of my ports are open on my server but when I start writing the name of the server in the internet browser I cant see it.Only the players can join by the server IP. I tried everything but I dont know why is this happening.Also should I delete my servercache.xml
  6. Like a gamemode(Destruction Derby) and some scripts
  7. Hello,guys As you see from the topic that I am looking for a good scripter and also I will pay him for his job
  8. I want that but I dont now how to make it.
  9. Hello viewer, I was wondering how can I disable all the car mods when I am playing.I mean someone joins your server and he has a bad ping and he want to disable his mods how can I make a script to disable/enable mods when a player wants to disable his mods if he has a bad ping
  10. When I write aclreload in the console nothing happends
  11. I now that the server should be off but when I start the server the saves that I made arent saved
  12. I am not sure if I have to write here,but the problem is that when I edit the acl.Exaple I go to acl and go to group admin and then on a command i will give you ban there says true and when I write false and save it and when I join the server and the command that I writed to be false it isnt I mean I writed in the acl false but the group admin still has the command for ban.
  13. Hello readers, I was wondering if someone can help me with a script that is when you are in the console acl,console group no one can ban,kick,slay,slap etc.
  14. Hello viewers, How can I enable the F1 panel only for admims.I mean if you are added in the acl group you can open the F1 panel. Thanks for your attention.
  15. I have to write that in the serverconfig or?
  16. Why is you aim like that http://imgur.com/wLqyQbK without shooting and when you start shooting its becoming like that http://imgur.com/GFB3PW9 .Can someone help me with that ? I want to make it without moving.
  17. jorko99

    Gate script

    Hello guys, I want to make a simple gate script that works for all doors for the bases that I putted in the map and the admin team can get in every base.I tried some things but they failed.
  18. Hello guys, I was wondering how to add a resource when the server is running because when I played in some servers and when they have to add something they dont stop the server.Because its annoying to stop the server to add a resource.
  19. Hello guys from the topic you now that I am looking for a good scripter.If you are interested in this topic feel free to write here or you can PM me
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