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Matrix reload ????? mod

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That sounds great as long as the phone teleportation could be implemented. Would players be able to shoot at other players though or just the cops shoot at the players? It seems you would have to come up with a way not to be hurt by the other players if you are just runing from the cops.

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This sound fine to me, but just leave the matrix part out of it. gta has nothing to do with matrix

btw, unless all cars and pedestrians are synchronised in gta3mta 0.3, this game mode will be unfair xP

Yes, I agree. The idea is great I think, but without the bullet-time. Everybody with 4 or 5 stars and the last man who survives wins. And agree too with the pedestrians synch. If a player is running and a cop shoots him and he has 5 HP in a computer maybe there's a pedestrian who receives the shoot, but in another computer the pedestrian is not there and the player dies :roll::P

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The mod is not going to be out before matrix, sorry, i forgot about the 0.3 vision, so this mod is going to be made after 0.3 vision is out, i need to test it around with it, it wont be fun in 0.2, it might crash. :D so sorry for the mod post. :cry:

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well, that mod for HL seemed like a good idea(i think it was called existence). in the mod, you started as either a agent or.... freedom fighter(?) and you only had 1 life. when you died, you came back as a ped or cop. you had real low health, and only a pistol.

but the way i figure it is that since gta3's matches would seem to be more then a 1 life thing. i think it could just be timed.

when you die, you have to survive as a ped long enough to be pulled out and reinserted.

when you die as a agent, you have to survive long enough to have a agent take over you.

and in the HL mod, the player had a cell phone also. you could use it to order special moves(like the long jump).

heh, it'd be cool if when a ped is reinserted, they start in the Construct and select their weapons, then teleport to the spawn place.

and as a Agent, you start in uh... maybe a office building with a bunch of weapons on the wall. or somethin.

and the way "bullet-time" could be implemented is simple.

the way the drug works now is that it makes the game slow down so the player can react quicker. but since this would be a MP mod, why not have the player just speed up? no need to dodge bullets, just set somethin so the player doesnt take bullet damage while dodging. i think that could work pretty good(although, there would be a limit to the amount of bt you get, so people wont be jumping everywhere).

i think it would be pretty cool. but im not the one to implement it... maybe when VC is out, but not now.

hope you take these ideas into consideration(but i know you will :o ).

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i meant more as a replacement for bt. cause to other people, youd be going faster right? the world doesnt slow for them. so why not just have some scripted action that will happen when you do it(such as a real quick sidestep or somethin). i don know... just throwin ideas.

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