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DDoS attacks

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In the past few days I saw a trend of DDoS attacks.

My server, as well as another one on my uni campus got cut off because of UDP floods. Today I saw another dutch server disappear, though I have no conformation this is due to attacks.

From another source I heard about him too suffering attacks, though the servers still run.

I wondered if there are more servers suffering attacks.

IMO it looks like somebody who really doesn't like MTA, and is going very far in his 'hate', any opinions?

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Opinions? Well I'll say a fact or two...

Yes there are people that hate MTA and its creators and yes they try to retaliate anyway they can.

Yes, these people have been an annoyance, but so far the damage they have caused is minimal (flooding #mta on irc until the MTA team made protection, flooding server chats until again MTA team made protection, ddosing some servers, etc.)

So yes its entirely possible that could be why.

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ddos attacks usually come from someone controling a good size botnet. (100+ bots) some just packet the server so it lags then goes ofline. other just join and part a channel really fast or flood it with messages. (irc). also, if the controller of the botnet ordeded his bots to ping the ip 10 times, it would flood offline. (thats like 1000 times).

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May I note that this is only about MTA servers (I see suggestions about IRC, etc.)...

As for the damage: My server still runs, that's not the problem. The problem is in the fact that my ISP cut the server off from the internet because of the floods. If the floods continue the solution is simple, and that is to not run a MTA server anymore.

So it might not cause damage to the server itself, but if it continues it does mean the end of the MTA server, which is quite harmful if this is done in a large scale (as I said, 3 major dutch servers dissappeared these days...).

I don't have many details of the attacks itself, I saw a minor attack coming from IP's tracing to china. The major attack was all corrupted UDP packets, of which I don't have any information. There could be a relation between the minor and major attack though...

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