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  1. Right now the only way to see it is on the EPG server (and it's currently down for some reason ). Of course there are tons of other maps on there so someone would need to buy it (it's named Random Infernus). Even then you won't see it generate the map, you'll only see the end result.
  2. There has already been a random map generator (i.e. mine) running on the EPG race server since august last year. Of course I don't really care about fame and all so as of yet it has not been publicly released.
  3. The intention is that Blue will be released before SA comes to the PC. And tell me, how do you know Blue is stable? Because the MTA team told us? Please remember that they also told that 0.4 would be more stable and yet it showed little improvement. Therefore I would not judge about it before it is released.
  4. Hehe, if I may quote a post from some 'Jacob' (wonder who that is... ) on that site:
  5. tbot

    lol help me plz

    Calling mIRC scripting programming is quite an overstatement...
  6. tbot

    MTAMA Blacklist

    You may have your personal opinion, of course I respect that, but I also have my opinion, and I suggest you respect that too. As I said, I know nivko, and I know that he is irritating, I have him banned on my own server too. The point is that _I_ set the standard at my own server for what I think is worthy of banning or not. As I've also said before, this blacklist is distributed as being a list of known and confirmed 'cheaters'. I place true doubts with nivko's ability to cheat, and with it I place doubts with Aerons objectivity. If this list wasn't called a blacklist of cheaters, but just 'Aerons personal banlist', I would have no problem with it (and many people wouldn't have used it because of the name). If you want to bring my arguments down, please do so with counter arguments, and not with unlikely speculations. I'm not defending nivko. It's just that by seeing that nivko is banned I highly doubt that this is still a list of just cheaters.
  7. tbot

    MTAMA Blacklist

    Exactly, you don't _think_ that's the reason. But how would you know for sure? Asking Aeron won't help, he surely won't answer you that he abused his power somewhat (hypothetically speaking). Asking the banned person won't help either, because they generally won't confirm that they were cheating. Why should Aeron be some sort of an authority on this field? IMHO the only one who could and should decide about banning are the administrators of the server where the ban should be placed. It's too easy to ban someone for other reasons than cheating that the users of this blacklist might very well not agree with. Sure, this guy can be irritating, but that's a reason to ban him on your own server, not on all servers running this blacklist, simply because the users expect that the banned people are banned for cheating and not for other reasons.
  8. tbot

    MTAMA Blacklist

    If you are on the list , you are on it for a reason... I highly doubt it's for cheating though. I know this fellow, though he's irritating and always asking for 'things' (scripts, etc.) I don't see him capable of cheating/modding (I could be wrong though, you can never know a person well enough). But _if_ this guy is banned for an other reason than cheating than I can explain it in only one way, and that is that Aeron misuses his power he gained by this blacklist to 'solve' personal issues with this guy.
  9. tbot

    Super script

    Yes it's possible, but I'm not going to explain how.
  10. It has everything to do with MS since it's MS' implementation of the javascript standard. It has/had (can't tell since I don't use SP2) many holes, but a SP can change it all...
  11. You really have the wrong view about a 'professional' developer...
  12. There are simple physical laws that tell us modem users have larger round-trip-times. This in turn causes behaviour (especially in client side games like MTA) which we would recognize as lag. You can have genial algorithms, but you can't change the physics of the connection, and thus 56k users will always experience lag.
  13. May I point you to the fact that there are quite a few good and fast ready-to-use scripting engines. Embedding those wouldn't take more (possibly even less) time than implementing dll support. The engines are well enough to give the scripter enough power to effectively create addons. Besides that dll's aren't portable, so it's up to the mod maker to also compile it against linux, and not everybody may be able to do so (making the whole less portable).
  14. First of all, if this is going to be a dll/so system, source code doesn't necessairily have to be released, so how would you want to check those? Native code implies massive security risks, so if I were developing this I wouldn't let the responsibility at the end-user, who are, generally taken, not very aware of these risks. And in this case it's not the lack of alternatives that should be the deciding edge. Not too long ago I did some research into scripting engines (and am currently working on my own), and as a very good alternative to native code there is the SeerC scripting engine, offering almost ANSI C scripting with possibilities very near (if not the same) as native code, yet in a somewhat protected environment.
  15. Let me put it a little more clear. When a client wants to connect it sends a signal to the server. When the server recieves that signal it sends a random number back (and remembers it). The hash code that will be generated is not merely the hash code of the file, but augmented with the random number. So let's say the correct hash is the MD5 of the string "test", if you do nothing with it, it's static, and thus easy to crack. Now we take the random number (e.g. 5325), and append it to the string that needs to be hashed, making "test5325", and hash that. You will find that the hash is totally different. The client sends the hash, and the server will know it's correct because it remembered the random number (and can create the correct itself the same way). The next time someone connects the random number will be different, and so will the hash, creating a handshake which seems random.
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