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Yeah caps, bah

anyway before you post your question/problem please do the following

1. Check the Readme, its in the Console, and I beleave on the site too.

2. Read the forums to see if there are simmelar problems.

Once you have done that and stil have no found a solution to your problem, wheny uo post remember the following

1. We do not read minds, please tell us your problem in detail, just saying "IT DONT WORK!!!!11" dosn't help us or yourselves at all.

2. Make a reasonable topic, not just "HELP!!1" Im not to sure about everyone, but that is kinda annoying.

3. Don't be stupid, things like "This stupid peace of crap wont work!" is not a good thing to say if your looking for help.

That is all.

Thank you

P.S. If mods have ssomething to had, just unlock, and lock this thread back.

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