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YAY and Booh :)

Lara C.

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'bad' news: i started work again (i was off for some time) which means no more long GTA:VC sessions late at night for me (at least under the week) :)

Good news: I just ordered comcast cable and might have it in maybe 7 to 10 days...no more LAG nightmares anymore. So sickof these ping times.

(I have/had the crappiest dialup EVER....and i cannot wait to get rid of that ^%%[email protected] dial-up i was tortured with.....i couldnt get broadband for a long, long time because it was just not available in my area and i was too far away for dsl. Wonder what pings i will get...

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yeah . it was great until they sent me a letter saying they would suspend my service if i stoped using all the bandwidth i was using , i have a webserver... :? ... Well all i know is that i still use the same or maybe even more bandwidth and they have never send me any more letters or suspended my service < thank god for this/

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My dsl company bitched about my bandwidth usage, i told them to bite me i PAYED for what i have...if i care to use it 24/7 at 100%, i damn well will...the contract said NOTHING about it, so it can only be assumed by the current contract the i can , sno neenerneenerneener to verizons pos service.

But yeah, i coldn't imagine mta on 56k...it must be like walking around as a ghost lol

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ya i hear broadband is the best,lucky u,oh well at least i have dsl

dsl IS broadband! so is cable

my isp has never called me or sent me a letter... excluding that one time they found my fserv on dalnet w/ all my nice movies...

other than that, no probs

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