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2 v 2 Competition Hosted By VCES+FMJ (Super Duo)

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Hi all :D

As the Topic name implies,we are holding a 2 v 2 Tournament,which will be held on a monthly basis :!:

The tournament is played in one evening,and held on 2 Servers to speed up the Knockout Rounds :wink:

The full explanation can be found HERE

The Rules can be found HERE

And you can enter your Duo HERE

The Competition is to be held on the 1st of May,starting at 20:00 HRS GMT (UK Time).

The eventual winners would of played 3 Knockout Stages consisting of 3 rounds per stage,and then the final.

This will probably take at least 2 hours so any players who wish to enter should ensure they have the time,especially if they think they can reach the Final :wink:

Please do not apply in this thread,it is purely to advertise the Event.

Good Luck to those who Enter,there are already some great pairings entered and im expecting some tough Stages ahead.

May i also add that the whole Tournament is to be filmed,to ensure fair play and to produce a 'Highlights' Video,which will be hosted on the VCES site.

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Ok,me and Gamefreek are in as a duo.

Ok noted and entered 8)

The competition has been postponed until Saturday the 1st of May.

Its proving impossible to ensure everythinh is ready for the 22nd,and i am going away in the early hours of the 23rd :roll:

Same time,different Day > 1st May :!:

Date edited.

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Despite the change of date,its shaping up nicely.

The draw has been made with the Currently received applications.

Click HERE too see the line up for the VCES Server.

Click HERE too see the line up for the FMJ Server.

VCES IP : : 2000

FMJ IP : : 2001

I think its interesting :twisted:

Im going first lol,only so i can then run the rest of the Tourney :wink:

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I think they want to 'prove skill with the shot'.

Although I wouldn't mind if all the skins were in.

Btw,couldn't we hold the match on a saturday?

Wednesday is the worst day of the week for me.Actually,I read the info on @ VCES,and,I can't really play on wednesdays,specially since the events last 4 a rather long period.Besides,most people have more freetime @ evenings on Saturdays and Fridays.

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I'm going to annoy you again:

Sundays are bad days for me too(Can't stay up late),if no alternative(Friday/Saturday)is possible,I won't be able to play sunday.

My apologies if people get the impression I'm being selfish about the day of the match and schedule.

Besides,not many work on saturday/sunday mornings,so if u stayed up late u could always sleep until mid day :wink: =P

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Lo Boss :D

Your not annoying me,but you are confusing me :?

The current Date/Time is for the 1st of May at 20:00 hrs GMT.

1st of May is a Saturday,and 20:00 GMT is about 15:00 East Coast time i think :wink:

Do we still have a conflict here :wink:

While im here, best let people know there are only 3 Slots left for the Pairings.

3 SLOTS LEFT :shock:

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3 more Duos are needed to have a full line up of 16 :-D

The event has been carefully planned out,so it should run like clockwork.

All participants are asked to behave themselves whilst waiting in between Stages.

They are of course free to leave the servers in between Stages,but you must ensure you remain in contact with the event organisers if you do leave.

We will not chase you around,and if you are not in the server when the Stage begins,the Duo will lose by default.

If by saturday there are an unequal amount of entered Duos,then my Duo will not particiapte and will solely run the event.

'No Shows' will not be considered for further events. :evil:

The surviving / winning Duo will be taken by helicopter to the nearest health,while the losing Duo Respawn.

This will mean no long waits in between rounds 8O

As i said,its all been planned,all Duos need to do, is be in the VCES server and FMJ server at the correct time.

Click HERE too see the line up for the VCES Server.

Click HERE too see the line up for the FMJ Server.

VCES IP : : 2000

FMJ IP : : 2001

Good Luck ! :D

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