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Rant about Banning

Guest merlyn

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I really hate cheaters as much as anyone else, but the way that some servers are banning people is taking the piss! I was playing last night on a server, and just because I actually managed to kill someone who had a really high score, he said I was a sodding cheater, which I ain't! Few seconds later I was perminantly banned, not even with a chance to plead my case!

Just because you are doing rather well don't make you a cheater!!!!!! Sometimes some people should just accept that in one particular firefight they came out worse, and to live with it, and the sun does not shine out of ur arse and mean u are an incredible player, which makes u indestructible!!!!!!!!


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A lot of servers have serveral admins now due to the fact that its impossible for one person to admin the whole time...unfortunately not all people who have admin status are fit to admin...your best bet is to jump on irc and talk to the main admin. which server were you in?

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It was some random german server. I'm not too bothered, because Its the only one i'm banned from and I mainly play on UK servers (low ping :D )

The Admin gimp (no offence to Adminers, they are generally cool dudes) was probably a spotty 11 year old Sh*t who's balls ain't dropped yet.

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We had a similar problem with the PartyServer (registered TradeMark :wink: )

Too many chefs in the kitchen and ppl getting banned for virtually no reason. joining with a high ping was an automatic boot for instance. This is lame because you don't check ppl's video cards when the join and that can lag them too

We reset our password so only 3 ppl can kick or ban with the admin program. Every KFC can kick or ban by using the ingame admin or the IRC echo in #partyecho


Anyone else can talk in the partyserver thru the echo just type !say then talk.

Aside from the blantant advertisement my point is that it's important to have accountablilty so if someone is kicked the person can post that SoandSo kicked him and if he was kicked wrongfully we can revoke that person's admin privs

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I think the problem is that server runners for gang servers are pressured to give EVERYONE in the gang admin status, and then they do. Then you have a bunch of irresponsible admins that will ban wrongfully.


I suggest sticking to neutral servers like officials. Only trustworthy people have admin status there and you won't get banned for silly things like that. I understand you, most times when I got on gang servers I ended up kicked or banned sooner or later. Theres just too many newbies with too much power.

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That's a double edged sword thou

I don't want a KFC member stuck in a KFC server with a cheater he can't kick. Everyone has admin thru Mirc so you know who kicked you

It's my "enough rope to hang yourself" policy. Those that abuse admin lose it and those that are cool make the server cheat free 24/7

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Yes well that seems to be the choice every server runner has got to make:

A. Only give it to those who you think will do the job right and not have so much protection

B. Give it to all the gang and have wrongful bans and over-protection

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Wow - this little thread has become like a philosophical debate!

I agree that on Gang Servers the gangs should have the ability to kick/ban people - after all its a service for Gang Members primarily and public ppls second.

Maybe gang members should only get the ability to kick after a certain "vetting" period, however gang servers are a gang's independant responsibility, like a sovereign state or something.

Christ - now i'm talking crap, i'd better leave!

Btw - the server I got banned from was "MTA:VC 0.3 ToD Server (0.3.1) - Deathmatch" don't suppose I could get some help in un-banning?

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I have had the same problem. Me and my brother who are on the same connection got banned from the partyserver. We were doin pretty good so of course we start to get called cheaters but mainly my brother. He gets banned from the server after a certain Kfc member whined about it enough. I keep playing a lil longer trying to get him unbanned but going unnoticed so I leave.

I try to connect the next day and I'm banned too.....I'm thinking its because we are on the same connection using a router to split it. If there is any way to fix this problem it would be much appreciated as we are not cheaters and use this server often. My name is [VCP]Dub-oNE and my brothers is skippy.

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How about an option to add operator status to some user's, therefor us trust worthy players could have the ability to kick ban and unban, but not have the ability to change admin pass or any of the other priviliges admin entails, this would reduce the amount of hijacking that I see going on every day with these servers, as well as keep the cheaters at bay alot more

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