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  1. as a former member of da I hope none of our people in anyway are responsible as that would be childish and counter productive towards the new 0.4 release.
  2. look's great, it should correct the issue with pings in the sub 50ms region being unhittable alot of the time, so seems like I'll be a happy camper, also I would imagine it would make m60/m4/uzi weapons highly more effective.
  3. Wouldn't they just truncate that data into a numeric value? Thus making it not so confusing for Joe Blow.
  4. you have a point, yes I ment the small files that effect gameplay so much not the .img files, and sure they could but it's a start infighting them since ip bans have proven useless, I'm just showing there's other ways to combat them actively
  5. couldn't the client contain a compressed archieve of the vanilla verions of the files they mod? ineffect it would extract the files for GTA3 or GTAVC and overwrite what the person currently has, then it would set file attributes as read only, then it would preceed to launch GTA3/GTAVC thus insuring the files were vanilla while the MTA client was resident in memory.
  6. I was playing GTA 3 today pretty much all day (cable modem was in soft disconnect for non payment) and I noticed the mouse aiming is incredibly sluggish even on maxium sensitivty as compared to vice city, so my question is has the scm been tweaked for easier aiming ala vc's mouse aiming? or is it the same sluggish aiming as in GTA3 SP?
  7. Cray are you saying that another revision to the core more advanced then the 0.4 core will be included 0.5+? I was simply pointing out the "interface" aspect of his job discription, taking that to mean the long talked about ingame interface is what Kye is working on.
  8. How about an option to add operator status to some user's, therefor us trust worthy players could have the ability to kick ban and unban, but not have the ability to change admin pass or any of the other priviliges admin entails, this would reduce the amount of hijacking that I see going on every day with these servers, as well as keep the cheaters at bay alot more
  9. under MTA team it list's Name: Kye Join date: 28/09/2003 My function: I have been working on the NextGen MTA:VC client (0.5+) since December 2003, and have made various research contributions to previous versions. My main task includes providing a programmable interface to GTA. About myself : I have experience in x86/6510/Z80/MIPS assembly languages, ANSI C, and Visual Basic. I prefer to write code in plain C, although I've been known to write in C++ if it keeps people happy. Location: Australia Occupation: Therefor 0.5 = new interface or so their own website says.
  10. Why must I automatically be high because I thought that was a hint? maybe I'm just a far deeper thinker then you'd give me credit for, oh thanks for all the negative comments though people it's good to see the world is just as screwed up as it was the day before.
  11. Qouting Ransom "spawn warring is not an issue... the map is plenty big. also bear in mind we consider map size and such when we developed portland's gamemode. Just wait and see" gamemode + radio = liberty city surivior gametype. sorry next time I won't read into things. =)
  12. ok I understand new core then other features, perfectly fine it makes bug testing easier since if you have a stable core and you add feature x and you have new bugs it's more then likely feature x and easier to track down. for mta vc the only things I want are, the improved aiming (please god please they think I own them now! :: drools :, please switch out the slower unused vehicles such as the coach, packer & mule, with hopefully cuban hermes (love the flames), haitian voodoo (hydro's in multi what's not to love?), & a normal sabre, as for weapons please golf club (my absolute favorite melee weapon), katana. the minigun's not so important to me or the rocket launcher with the ammo glitches as they're. ah and if anyone doesn't oppose I'd love to take part in the next step of testing if at all possible. = ) I can play well with others. inclosing looking great, so much progress = ) oh can't wait for 0.5 to see the new interface being programmed as we type!
  13. Good suggestion about the new path's for cars and ped's that might be a solution to the issue in the future. Now what I want is when the chatbox is open the purple arrow displays above your head, so you know who is typing and who isn't therefor us polite pro type players can avoid type killing each other. How about it buddies? Oh and I noticed yes the drop weapon idea has it's downsides, but I was thinking more along the lines of a normal pickup's ammo instead of what you had when you "drop" it, since it would give a normal pickup value no whoring it up with your friends, of course that leads to the problem of accidently dropping weapons, which can be remedied by allowing the player dropping to also then pick up his own weapon, but that defeats the purpose of "giving" a teamate your weapon... hmm I'll think of this more later =)
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