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When is it a prob?

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Well - I've tried to read all that’s relevant to the subject...

And I still cant find out why THIS is wrong...

I’m having the same prob - I haven't tryed the mod yet

If I can try it out I'll NEVER find out if the 1 vs. 1 is any good.

U don't give the guy any chance to explain further (if needed) but close the tread !?!

Why :?:

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K - then. an explanation and maybe a quick link to where he should post it instead would be nice before locking at thread - I should think..

What is the irc - channel then? I've been looking around, and I can't seem to find the name...

+ a link from the forum to the GTA:MTA-homepage, would be cool...

(I's it just me that don't know where it is?)

+ is a suggestion tropic an idea? - not only for mod-suggestions but also for forum suggestion, and so on. cuz where do such suggestions belong?

EDIT: And thx for ur answer, btw

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that would be in general discussions (the non mta one)

As for links to other topics, that kind of defeats the purpose of making them look for it (not very hard). Im also probably too lazy, as that would double my workload (yeah yeah, i know - boo-hoo; poor xerox :P:twisted::D )

The irc faq is in the IRC for dummies thread in the general discussions forum (the non mta one)

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