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  1. hehe, slothman, I know u'll find some good use of it. Sound's great ghost_master2000 And good luck with the paper btw…
  2. There’s worst things in this life than a screen-shot that's too big.. And I really think that paying a small amount, fore ASE isn't one of them. Think of it as a support for something u like, something u want to keep having around, and something u like to evolve with the future games. I’m deffo gonna make my copy legal…
  3. KoL


    Call me on irc or icq, and i'll send it to ya.
  4. KoL

    Irc channels

    All the channel links have been put straight now, so one enters the channel instead of entering Gta3mta, no matter which channel u pressed. My bad - sorry.
  5. KoL

    Irc channels

    Hi everybody! The Irc channels related to MTA: #Gta3mta The official MTA channel (rules below) #Gta3mp This is a server Listing Channel #MtaGamers A new unofficial MTA fan channel, with no rules (at it is). it's a channel for fun and meeting ppl - talk about anything - No kicks and bans!! (note: we can un voice u) (It's not made by moderators in MTA) EDIT: #spoonage A new gang channel for mta NOTE: ALL links have been put straight now !!!
  6. I know u r all very busy atm, never the less I bring u and idea: Make the pic: link to http://www.multitheftauto.com instead of the forum index There is already a useful link for that purpose in the line below the pic: GTA3: Multi Theft Auto Forum Index -> Forum related Or something like that so the forum page gets a link to http://www.multitheftauto.com , and not just the other way around. I know I’ve been at it before, sorry – but I’m not sure it went through. Remember – it’s just an idea
  7. Sounds cool, but wont it be too slow whit the beeper? Moving text isn't so cool when gaming imo.. if u ask me then I like the quake chat - it works fine for most ppl.
  8. Well, I'm not into scripting or programmin', but.. Can't someone judt make him a square box or something so he can prove it.?? Or doesn't it work that way...?
  9. Thx for ur time and help |Y|aNi}{ and xerox !!!
  10. K - then. an explanation and maybe a quick link to where he should post it instead would be nice before locking at thread - I should think.. What is the irc - channel then? I've been looking around, and I can't seem to find the name... + a link from the forum to the GTA:MTA-homepage, would be cool... (I's it just me that don't know where it is?) + is a suggestion tropic an idea? - not only for mod-suggestions but also for forum suggestion, and so on. cuz where do such suggestions belong? EDIT: And thx for ur answer, btw
  11. Thx a lot |Y|aNi}{ It's a shame Ragtop didn't get a desent answer, though..
  12. I think if u look u'll see that "THIS" is a link ....
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