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new here..just a few questions


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Few of you probably seen me on the official servers, mainly the one in PA. Anyways..my first question is about hit detection, why does it seem that only when I'm close to other clients I can damage them? For instance I'll use the cop shotty on someone from about 15 feet away and hit them a good 3 times yet I'll do no damage. Only when I rush in close(less then 5 feet) I seem to do damage. And no..I'm not talking about cops with armor.

Moving onto my other question..what's the deal with the teleport hackers? I've seen probably 4 by now, and I've only seen 2 people proven to be health hackers. Just giving you a recent senario I was on top of a house near the vercetti mansion, there was another client below me named "dandan" after realizing there was no way to get up(it's a 3 floor building with no steps to roof, I landed my chopper up there) I see him teleport behind me get inside my chopper and lift off in about a third of a second, no engine rev just *voom*. Then when I confront him about it, he says something along the lines of, "What are you talking about?!?!?!".

Enough of my ranting, this is a great game, with a lot of potential. I just hope something can be done about the cheaters(like making certain values server side; health, armor, etc..)


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all weapons have certain ranges, just like in SP. naturally its harder to hit in MP coz people actually try to run away :lol: . believe me, if i cad a penny out of every guy i sniped with the M-60 (a one-bullet-at-a-time weapon) i would be ritch! becouse of lag (probably) its hard to hit. i think (correct me if im wrong) that mta works on that method: if the shooters computer sees that the shooted gets hit, and the shooted sees he been shot damage is applyed to the shooted.

about the cheats: im sure there working on it very hard.

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Even the teleporting he is complaining about is lag or sync in most cases. I don't think someone would use a teleport to flank you. I have seen respected noncheating players appear behind me and it wasn't a teleport. This most commonly happens when they are in a car before it explodes. For a few seconds they are nowhere and then they are down the street or behind you. Here are some tips I posted in another thread, prolly about the same subject. *cough*search*cough*

Both problems are common in mta it's just one of the things that you deal with. They are the same problem. sync. Your computer thinks the guy is knocked down. His computer has his player standing and shooting so your computer has him shooting while laying.

The car is the same thing, lag, sync...

This is a client side game. That means that your computer is the final judge. If you computer looses a packet. (for instance. You throw a moltov.) In your screen he is on fire. He doesn't see anything. Or you might switch weapons and he missed the packet. He sees you punching while you are shooting and kills you easily.

a few tips.

Keep moving always.

Switch weaps if you seem to be doing no damage.

Ignore the spawning of the other guys weaps or his health disappearing. He isn't dead until you see it in the chat.

If you blow up a car and he is off the map? Run and wait for him to reappear on the map he could be anywhere by the time you sync up again.

hope to see you online,


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Thanks for the incite, just want to add that I'm on cable (3.5mbits/280k) usually pinging 30-90 on servers. So I doubt it was because of lag or packet-loss. But as you said KFG it could have been sync.. About the shotgun hits, I know the range isn't very far with shotgun's but when you hit them and see blood and they drop, that's what I was talking about.

Anyways, thanks for the replies, hope to see you fellows in-game sometime.

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I have just now really started to use the stubby shotgun. Even thou your computer sees the hit and blood all that matters is what his computer saw. Now, when evading you the will normally circle strafe, try to lead them by about a whole inch and a half I bet you will see them fall. My ping is normally around 50, on the KFC server it has been as low as 18 that makes it easier to die but no easier, even harder, to kill.

I have it down almost to a science now. The higher the ping the greater the lead (this only works if they keep moving in that direction).


Don't shoot where they are shoot where they are going.

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exaclty kung fu

In future versions you wont have to worry about this, but since he game isnt syncd on what you see as such.

Lower ping means your location is sent to the server more, making your 'gliding' more fluent, and this also therefore makes you easier to hit.

Someone on an uber-high ping can still see you move at that same fast pace most of the time, while you will see them jump and teleport

so for now, lag is an advantage.... 56kers rejoyce ;-P

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Thanks for the incite, just want to add that I'm on cable (3.5mbits/280k) usually pinging 30-90 on servers. So I doubt it was because of lag or packet-loss.

Ok, so you may not be lagging or loosing packets, but what about the other player? Lag and packet loss are affected by many factors out of your control. I'd bet the player you were referring to had a very high (>500ms) ping, indicating significant packet loss. That way you see his movements in very coarse steps, which might look like teleporting.

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exaclty kung fu

so for now, lag is an advantage.... 56kers rejoyce ;-P

Playing on a server with more than 12 people on 56k is outright cheating. On a 26 user server you would have about 75% packet loss on the donwlink so you see fewer bullets and weapon changes. Lag is less of a factor. There is plenty of bandwitdh to uplink your position, it will just be delayed by about 1/4 sec. That how well people can aim at you but not how smooth your movements appear.

There should be a bandwidth test for connecting clients to be sure they can support the maximum number of users on that server.

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Yeah, I agree with Dev on that. You shouldn't be able to play on a server that exceeds your connection throughput. I'm not exactly sure how much each client uses, maybe 2Kbytes both ways? But that would mean 56kers are screwed pretty much any way you look at it. Then again, it's hard to streamline the netcode for such a large environment that is usually populated by quite a number of players.

A game like this...is meant for broadband only. The amount of bandwith needed for this game over say..3-5 players has already reached 56k's max throughput without/little packet loss. Flame me if you will, but you know yourself the limitations of 56k and they can't be overlooked. The only way I could see MTA getting to the point of 56k friendly over 6 players is maybe if they had vc source code, but we all know that's never going to happen.

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Sure, technically, 56kers are pretty much "screwed either way," but my ping can remain respectable in a 12 player or less server. Yes, any higher, and problems begin... but really, any lower, and I see no difference. Unless you have a horrible 56k connection and your ping averages 500-900, only then will it start to look like downright teleporting and cheating.

I really don't know what all of the bickering is about. Now I've seen some REALLY BAD pings in my day, some stuck at 700-900, and yes they were pretty much impossible to defeat. The other 56kers, however, that have better computers, modems, and phonelines can stay around 200-300; that really isn't all that bad, and are more common in online games such as MTA.

It seems to me that 56kers and lag just seem to be a scapegoat in most cases, when they really aren't that big of a problem at all. Most people seem to forget that some of us may have some skill, but they refuse to believe it because the scoreboard says our ping is higher. :roll:

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Just remember..ping can be deceiving. Just because it looks respectable, doesn't mean there's not packet loss going on. And most of the 56kers don't have pings too bad, but they're still losing packets. So in my eye's that's an unfair advantage, not trying to make anyone look like a scapegoat here.

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It's just that I've fought people new to MTA with pings such as mine (usually 200 to 300), and even with other people in ULK with lower pings fighting with me, and we had no trouble defeating them. However... when someone challenges me and I beat them, they blame it all on my lag and say that I suck. >_>

Sounds like a scapegoat to me... I don't really think there's major packet loss going on all the time, either, unless the server doesn't have enough upstream bandwidth to provide or there are too many people connected to it at once.

I think the only "laggers" we should be talking about here are the ones that stay with a constant 500+ ms ping: that, in my opinion, is when it starts getting bad... just from what I've seen.

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