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[REL] HeroInventory - Inventory System [Groups + More]

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HeroInventory is a new way to expand a roleplay server's features. This resource allows a server to not only archive items; but organize them appropriately! Adding items, and groups are very simple.


  • Ability to organize items into groups.
  • Rather simple to integrate.
  • Ability to support your items with images.
  • Ability to support your groups with images.
  • Ability to easily code what an item does once used.
  • Ability to browse items quickly.

Thanks for being patient.

- Fixed inventory browsing bug.

- Fixed limited inventory bug.

- Fixed inventory grouping bug where items weren't sorted properly.

- Fixed issue where items weren't loading.

- Fixed issue where inventory items simply showed a black box.

- Fixed issue where groups didn't show up randomly.

- Added the ability to drag items to the world.

- Added the ability to pick up items.

- Moved all event related scripts into the "events" folder.

- Added the ability to customize dropped item object IDs, and their coordinates because of object dimensions.

With that being said, an item system has been added to the inventory system. The fixed version is available at the community resource center. If you encounter further bugs, please post here. Please don't PM me about bug encounters, or help setting this up, simply post here. Thanks!


Functions found here:






Download available here - https://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=6310

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Looks good. Does it have a built-in saving method?

No. If you were to build a saving method, all you have to consider storing is the element data key "inventory_items". I simply stored all inventory items through a table. It's possible that I might create a built-in saving method, but certain servers who use this resource like things their own way. Good luck!

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itemArchive =  
  {"images/items/1.png", "1", "1"},{"images/items/2.png","2", "2"},{"images/items/3.png","3", "3"},{"images/items/4.png","4", "4"},{"images/items/5.png","5", "5"} 

The inventory group names you've linked to the items are called: "1", "2", "3", "4", and "5"? If that's the case, all your items should be separated into five separate groups?

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