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Stop the FTAA! (illegal filesharing, backups, etc) - SIGN!!


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Do you want your rights to backup your own presonal data thrown away?

Do you want filesharing networks, wherever they may be in any form, to disappear?

Do you want to be put in prison for having MP3s, even if you own the original CDs?

Sign this. http://www.petitiononline.com/noftaaip/petition.html

If you want a quick overview, read this: http://theinquirer.net/?article=12219

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Its for 34 countries. If one does it, the others will follow. It wont (or at least hopefully wont) be a breka-in-your-house and find you pirating type of thing... but if it is made illegal, what is to say it wont be as bad as drug traffiking?

Regardless of whether they could or couldn't, would you want such treaties passed? If so, then dont sign. Otherwise, please, sign ASAP... and tell everyone you can to sign.

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This isn't about piracy - influenced by piracy, yes, but it is aimed at "intellectual property rights" and assumes everyone wants these so-called "rights" when it is actually taking away rights.

As a music filesharing example, many artists (wheter you believe it or not, try something that isn't mainstream) endorse filesharing to spread their music and their name. If it is made illegal, simply because someone created it... what use is filesharing to these people? It makes no sense.

Another example is backups... illegal to make and/or use a backup of something you own? Going so far as a felony to circumvent protections?

If you dont want to sign, again, thats fine. I didn't post this to have posts against this, if you dont want to sign, dont do it., If, however, you understand that freedoms you and millions of others enjoy now or may enjoy in the future are endangered and you want to sign, then sign.

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illegal or not people are still going to fileshare, and if your with the lastest things you'll never be caught cuause their always a step ahead of the riaa and such.

Anyway, freedom of anything and rights are overrated, giving people to much freedom IS A BAD THING. so piss off and suck it up....

I'm satill ging to fileshare though I dont care, but if you want to fileshare, you have to realize its wrong and shut up and suck the whole "we'll sue your ass" bit like a man, i mean if your going to fileshare be ready to take the consiquences that are involved with it, i mean what the hell? you dont want to get in trouble by the freaking cd.

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So having the freedom to be sued as it is right now is too much freedom?

By all means then, lock me away in a prison, slap me with a $150,000 fine and label me a "Free Man" - even IF I am doing something that right now, at this very time, would be considered legal.

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