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Dff Light issue


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Hey all, i'm having a strange light problem. Every model i export so i can get ingame from 3dsm reacts to headlights in a strange manner, is there any way to disable that effect on export?

Mention : I played a lot with the gta material, but no results. Any ideeas?

Thanks in advance guys.

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Yep ! Gta sa try to light the model, but the way gta sa use just ... sux !

the whole model become bright when a gta sa light is close to it (vehicle lights for example)

More the object is small more this effect work, I got the same effect like in minecraft :

So this is ok on peds and on vehicles or small objects, but on big objects it sux and you have a strange effect.

To disable it you can do it in 2 ways :

-D'ont export NORMAL (This is a button called NORMAL on kams script with the buttons UV and the other ...)


-Use deniska script , this script only export the vertex color day/night and the UV so it doesn't export what they call NORMAL

When you export the NORMAL on kams script you add 2 effect on your model that I know , this add :

-the light effect we are talking about in this topic (model can receive light)

-Model can use reflection picture (this one is better, this is why I export my NORMAL on some models xD)

Edit : I find this also : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSF1bfM_ ... re=related

Looks some part of the vid show the light effect.

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