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  1. Thanks for you reply but either u haven't read the posts above either you didn't get what i asked for. As i said before: I can create animations by myself but the if statements involved for creating the functionality is what i'm missing. Anyways that seems too complicated for me so if someone wants to create what i need for a fair price, just pm me.
  2. Thanks for your reply .:HyPeX:. but i think it's not what i need but i appreciate your effort. Anyone who can create this for me for a fair price ? Need a pretty skilled scripter as long as some other scripters already tried to help me with this and failed. Thanks in advance.
  3. math.abs -- so fuel = math.abs(fuel)
  4. Thanks a lot guys for your time trying to help me. SDK, yeah that's a good view over the entire script, thanks a lot i'll try to fix this and adapt to my needs. HyPeX, well sincerely i have no clue what's this all code about but thanks anyway for your time.
  5. h4x7o0r

    Player alias

    Line 32 in his code returned nil. I think it's because of typo. local searchForANicks = executeSQLQuery("SELECT `nicks` from `aliases` WHERE `serial`=?", targetSerial) -- checking --> local searchForANicks = executeSQLQuery("SELECT `nicks` FROM `aliases` WHERE `serial`=?", targetSerial) -- checking
  6. Thanks mate, i'm getting already cursor position. Your idea with GUI's seems great but at this moment, my problem isn't animation. I wanna use some IF statements to determine a rule, like when mouse is over an arena , that arena to increase its height while arenas above the decrease + move up and also arenas beyond decrease + move down. I don't know how to exclude the arena when mouse is over it because, for example hover == true wont work in this case. (mouse will be over an arena still when i need to shrink and move others, that's why hover==false isn't executed).
  7. That code should be added in dxscoreboard_client.lua , i dont know exact line where to add it but you can find that easy.
  8. Thanks for you reply but as i asked above, i need the conditions (if... elseif smth) to replicate that effect.
  9. Hey there guys, I spent already enough days just to figure it out how can i create a nice vertical accordion animated menu. Here's a link with the live animation (just because it's pretty complicated to explain, vertical one) : http://goo.gl/rmoLSz So here's what i tried so far. This is the way rooms are organized : Arenas = {} Arenas.Paianjen= {} Arenas.Paianjen.unique = 1 Arenas.Paianjen.x = coloana1 Arenas.Paianjen.y = randul1 Arenas.Paianjen.mouseY = randul1 Arenas.Paianjen.size = lungime Arenas.Paianjen.height = inaltime Arenas.Paianjen.moveLock = false Arenas.Paianjen.Element = getElementByID("Paianjen") Arenas.Bondar= {} Arenas.Bondar.unique = 2 Arenas.Bondar.x = coloana1 Arenas.Bondar.y = randul1 Arenas.Bondar.mouseY = randul1 Arenas.Bondar.size = lungime Arenas.Bondar.height = inaltime Arenas.Bondar.moveLock = false Arenas.Bondar.Element = getElementByID("Bondar") Arenas.Hiena= {} Arenas.Hiena.unique = 3 Arenas.Hiena.x = coloana1 Arenas.Hiena.y = randul1 Arenas.Hiena.mouseY = randul1 Arenas.Hiena.size = lungime Arenas.Hiena.height = inaltime Arenas.Hiena.moveLock = false Arenas.Hiena.Element = getElementByID("Hiena") Arenas.Amfibie= {} Arenas.Amfibie.unique = 4 Arenas.Amfibie.x = coloana1 Arenas.Amfibie.y = randul1 Arenas.Amfibie.mouseY = randul1 Arenas.Amfibie.size = lungime Arenas.Amfibie.height = inaltime Arenas.Amfibie.moveLock = false Arenas.Amfibie.Element = getElementByID("Amfibie") for i, arena in pairs(Arenas) do local r, g, b = getColorFromString(getElementData(arena.Element, "color")) arena.Color = tocolor(r, g, b, 255) dxDrawRectangle ( arena.x, arena.y, arena.size, arena.height, arena.Color, true) hover = mouseCheck(mx, my, arena.x, arena.x+arena.size, arena.mouseY, arena.mouseY+arena.height) if hover == true and arena.moveLock == false then --animation when mouse is over arena arena.moveLock = true elseif hover == false and arena.moveLock == true then --animation when mouse isn't over arena arena.moveLock = false end end function mouseCheck(mx, my, x1, x2, y1, y2) if mx < x1 or mx > x2 then return false end if my < y1 or my > y2 then return false end return true end These are the variables needed for the animation: DefaultArenaHeight : 70 --Default arena height when mouse isn't over MaxArenaHeight = 200 --Maximum arena height when mouse is over and arena's increasing it's height NumArenas : 4 -- Number of all arenas DiffArenas : MaxArenaHeight - DefaultArenaHeight -- Difference between maximum height and default height, so 200 - 70 = 130 RaportArenas: DiffArenas / NumArenas -- Here's the shrinking value for all arenas but the one mouse is OVER it. What i need is to know how can i create the conditions in order to replicate this accordion effect ? i think i need to "detect" somehow when the cursor is hovering over an arena, that arena then has to change it's size (from 70 => 200) while the other ones are decreasing the height ( 70 -> RaportArenas ). Also the arenas above the one mouse is over, they should be moving up while shrinking, as for the arenas under the one the mouse is hovering on, they sould move down while shrinking. Kinda complicated to explain. Hope isn't that ambiguous, i tried to simplify as much as i could. Thanks in advance.
  10. Just seen this : http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=7782 Maybe if I attach another object to the glass that will break together when glass shatters. (tried smth but didn't work as it should) Any other opinions ?
  11. Hey there, How can i detect if an element is broken or not ? like glass panes, some wooden platforms etc. I tried using IsElementOnScreen (and other functions) but it's returning false if the element isn't in near when map starts. Is there any event or any method to detect that ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hehe already fixed it. That "error'" was because of the distance between the car and the object, (has been calculated the dfference between car and center of the object which was a little bit high than i assumed). Anyways thanks a lot for your help, All the best.
  13. Thanks a lot for your replies guys. Citizen's code works great but for example if diff = 0 there isn't fullalpha.
  14. Hey there, I don't know how can i change the alpha of an object gradually. so considering i'm having an object and my car at different height one from another. Then i specify if the difference between my car height and that object height is higher than 4, that objects alpha to be changed progressive from 255 to 150. At the moment, it's just a rough alpha changing like when it's > than 4 the alpha's 150. How can i create that transition ? Thanks a lot and hope isn't that ambiguous.
  15. Try to use something like this. (not tested) alse use .png's for transparency. local function getCameraRotation () px, py, pz, lx, ly, lz = getCameraMatrix() local rotz = 6.2831853071796 - math.atan2 ( ( lx - px ), ( ly - py ) ) % 6.2831853071796 local rotx = math.atan2 ( lz - pz, getDistanceBetweenPoints2D ( lx, ly, px, py ) ) --Convert to degrees rotx = math.deg(rotx) rotz = math.deg(rotz) return rotz end --Created rendertarget addEventHandler("onClientRender",root, function( ) showPlayerHudComponent( "all", false ) showPlayerHudComponent("crosshair", true) local px ,py, pz = getElementPosition( localPlayer ) local playerZone = getZoneName( px ,py, pz ) local mapX = px / ( 6000 / 6000 ) + ( 6000 / 2 ) - ( width / 2 ) local mapY = py / ( -6000 / 6000 ) + ( 6000 / 2 ) - ( height / 2 ) local rotation = getCameraRotation() if rendertar then dxSetRenderTarget(rendertar) dxDrawImageSection( 0, 0, width, height, mapX, mapY, width , height , "map.jpg", rotation, 0, 0, tocolor( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), false ) dxSetRenderTarget() else outputChatBox(rendertar) end dxDrawImage(posX, screeny - posY, width, height, rendertar) dxDrawImage( posX + width / 2, screeny - posY + height / 2, 10, 10, "files/me.png" ) function findRotation( x1, y1, x2, y2 ) local t = -math.deg( math.atan2( x2 - x1, y2 - y1 ) ) if t < 0 then t = t + 360 end return t end end)
  16. Thanks a lot for the shader it basically works, i've pmed u regarding a modification or stuff.
  17. What i want is to that mask work as an alphamap. An alpha map image is basically a transparency map, it has the information of what areas of the image under it are hidden. In a alpha map black means transparent, and white visible. Example: Click So just to summarize all, i have a couple of visual elements (dxdrawimage' ones) at the same position on the screen (lets say: renderzone1: position x : 100 position y : 200 width: 200 height: 150. What i need to do is to set a frame/mask/alphamap over that all elements on the screen and the same position with width : 400 and height: 300. So if any of the elements (renderzone1) under the mask are moving outside renderzone1 the underneath elements to not be visible. some part of codes: finalAlpha = 210 mask=dxCreateTexture('img/mask.png') shader=dxCreateShader('shader.fx') renderTarget = dxCreateRenderTarget( 310, 250, false ) dxSetShaderValue(shader,'finalAlpha',finalAlpha/255) dxSetShaderValue(shader,'maskTex0',mask) outputChatBox('Textures loaded.',false,255,0,0) and also the shader --shader.fx texture tex0; // texture texture maskTex0; // mask float finalAlpha; sampler sBase = sampler_state { Texture = (tex0); MinFilter = Linear; MagFilter = Linear; AddressU = Clamp; AddressV = Clamp; }; sampler sAlpha = sampler_state { Texture = (maskTex0); }; float4 ps( float2 Base : TEXCOORD0 ) : COLOR { float4 color; float4 alpha; color = tex2D( sBase, Base.xy ); alpha = tex2D( sAlpha, Base.xy ); color.a = alpha.r*finalAlpha; return color; } technique mask { pass p0 { AlphaBlendEnable = TRUE; DestBlend = INVSRCALPHA; SrcBlend = SRCALPHA; VertexShader = null; PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 ps(); } } All good after this now all i need to do is to link things together.
  18. Well thanks for your reply, i've read about that function but haven't used it. How can i adapt it to what i need to do like only the part that's not covered by the mask to be shown ?
  19. Hey guys, i need your help. What i'm trying to do is to create a mask like over a rectangle so that just a part of the rectangle to be visible. I tried a lot of possibilities but looks like it's kinda tricky. So what i did so far was to : create the texture for mask/ the shader /and the rendertarget. after that i setshadervalues and then tried to figure it out how to put all things together. What's the correct syntax considering all I mentioned before ? Thanks in advance.
  20. onPlayerWasted it's useless because i wanna check balanced teams before round starts. Any other opinions ?
  21. Thanks for your reply Bons. Tried clientside this way : addEventHandler ("onClientMapStarting", root, function() if exports.race:getTimePassed() > tonumber(0) then -- ERROR: call : failed to call race:getTimePassed() [string '?'] -- ERROR: attempt to compare a number with a boolean outputChatBox ("Test") end end ) but anyways, the important part is how can i set all players frozen until some of the team players will press a key? Thanks in advance.
  22. I think (there's no event for round starting) so maybe i can use a timer so after 6 secs since countdown started to trigger the server side. The big problem is what happens after that.
  23. Thanks for your reply. Actually i tried to make something, tried so many changes but without any luck Here's what i've tried already : -- client-side function onClientRaceStateChanging ( newStateName, oldStateName) if newStateName == "GridCountdown" then triggerServerEvent ( "test", getRootElement(), thePlayer) end end addEvent( "onPlayersReady", true ) addEventHandler( "onPlayersReady", getRootElement(), onClientRaceStateChanging ) -- serverside addEvent ("test", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerReady", getRootElement(), function test ( thePlayer) local connectedPlayers = getElementsByType ( "player" ) for i, aPlayer in ipairs(connectedPlayers) do bindKey ( aPlayer, "r", "down", "Toggle freeze status", toggleFreezeStatus ) end end ) function toggleFreezeStatus ( thePlayer ) if getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) then local playerVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) local currentFreezeStatus = isElementFrozen ( playerVehicle ) local newFreezeStatus = not currentFreezeStatus setElementFrozen ( playerVehicle, newFreezeStatus ) end end Tried using a toggle for the moment (e.g from wiki) so i can see if things are triggered but no luck.
  24. Hey there , i need your help guys. Considering there are two team and a global rule : no more than 2 players alive. how can i set all players from vehicles frozen after countdown ends, (if there are more than 2 players alive for e.g) until some of alive players will press a key so after round starts they will be killed. I'll give u an example so i will make things clearer. Example: Rule: no more than 2 players alive. Team1 has 3 players Team2 has 4 players Round starts: All players are frozen until 1 player from team1 and 2 players from team2 will press a key. After that, players that pressed "the key" will be killed and round will continue with equal number of alive players from each team. Thanks a lot for your time reading this and waiting for your help.
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