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Interpolation? (Smooth passenger movement.)

Guest m0nKeY

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This maybe a long shot but worth saying:

Why not have a prediction system for the movment of the passenger in the car, this could smooth out the ride, however ofc due to lag you would need some kind of correction system so if the client lost some packets the system could teleport them to correct location fast and then continue to predict.

Such example of this is what Half-Life uses, but maybe much harder to implement due to the construct of GTA:VC/MTA.

Also on a side note - engine noise for passengers, only a small thing and no major thing but still would be nice :)

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From what I can tell, it sends the vehicle speed and rotation as well as it's position because you see it constantly chase the correct speed and rotation position.

So if someone is doing a handbrake turn to the right with a car, you'll often see it spinning right but jerking left as the speed is outdated by the next packet, so the movement becomes jagged.

If it JUST send position and angle, then the movement would just go round to the right in steps, but wouldn't rebound to the left as each new position was sent. Or so I'd expect...

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