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P2P download links, please

Guest batallon40

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here they are:

MTA-VC 0.2 Client:

ed2k://|file|MTAInstall-0.2.0.exe|57651 ... d2afda68|/


MTA-VC 0.2 Server Win32:

ed2k://|file|MTAServer-Win32-0.2.0.zip| ... a38394e3|/


MTA-VC 0.2 Server Linux:

ed2k://|file|MTAServer-Linux-0.2.0.tar. ... ce30f399|/


MTA-VC 0.2 Manual:

ed2k://|file|mta_vc_manual_0.2_.pdf|203 ... 6fca7180|/


Can't make the link work on phpBB :-(


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its nice to see that there on p2p networks
Once I put the files on my emule, I noted that I'm not the only one sharing MTA on edonkey P2P network! :-)

Also, I found the files in shareaza.com too, cool!

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