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About the character spawn points...

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Ok, sorry if this has already been thought of, but if it hasn't I hope I am helping everyone out by saying this:

I noticed that in the character selection movie you have the Mexicans spawning at the airport. There's a SLIGHT problem about that. They are going to have a WAY WAY WAY unfair advantage at the Hunter helicopter because of their spawn point.

So maybe you guys should consider changing the spawn point or maybe move the hunter to somewhere else (although I think it's fitting that it's so far on the map because it is a major advantage!).

Thanks and keep up the awesome work!!


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the machine gun AND rocket launchers do not work for the hunter. you kill them on your screen, but they other guy has no idea you are firing at him... causes some glitches if you then go take the vehicle you destroyed at the respawn. that guy will get "jacked out of nowhere"

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