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Why dont you guys just terminate the VC client when we disconnect so we cant just reconnect and click resume?

It seems that enough people do it, it will crash everyone :/

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If you get disconnected, then just alt tab to connect, THEN go back to VC and hit RESUME...

you have a very HIGH chance of crashing when u get in a car crash.

You have even another chance of crashing everyone else when you respawn after a crash.

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No the reason it crashes when you disconnect is!

GTa can only have 50 cars in it and maybe with "Dynamic Memory Allocation" you can change that. As of right now you can only have 50.

If you disconnect WHILE in control of a vehicle, then alt tab to the MTA client (that little program that has a chat box, you set your nick, you can type in a IP, and connect/disconnect manualy.) and simply click reconnect then ALT TAB BACK to the vice city GAME! and hit the RESUME button your putting urself at a 90% increase of getting that weird message. Its because someone probably destroyed ur car, or it respawned cuz it was destroyed and all the sudden your game shows 51 cars when you crash that one car and your game crashes.

This can also crash everyone else, how? Not sure I didnt write MTA and or Vice City... But I seen everyone crash at the same time.

So when MTA has or finds a expert in "Dynamic Memory Allocation" I bet they can fit more then 50 cars in game...

const or #define can be changed after its been compiled! Nothing in programming is writen in stone.

This also leads why we cant have NPCs....WE COULD, if everyone had great computers with 2GBabbles of RAM!


So MTA programmers, my adivce is terminate the client if someone looses connection! I bet we see less of those errors!

fidy dolla$ worth!


the retarded step child!

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