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GTA3: Multi Theft Auto came in the Power Unlimited!!!

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Every one who reads the power unlimited can see that this site came in the PU.

The PU is the most readed game magazine of the Benelux.

De lezers van de PU kunnen het lezen op pagina 79.

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Did enyone notice the gave the wrong URL for the site what is http://www.gta3ma.tk

It is http://www.gta3am.tk, which was the old name of MTA. It means Alternative Multiplayer. Though, this URL also works :)

I'm sorry the pic doesn't seem to appear well, because I couldn't upload it at my own server. I had to link you to another page.

Note: I did not scan this page, I just saw the pic here:


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  • MTA Team

I'll make a translation for you guys/girls:

Good news for the PC players of GTA III. Fans are busy building a mod and the version is already available in Alpha-version for download. The site is so busy it is offline from time to time

You can also wait withpatience till the mod is complete ... Alright then, you can't control yoursels. Check this dope shit at http://www.gta3am.tk

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