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Your favorite gamemode???


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Just though of this recently.From the huge variety of gamemodes in MTA:DM what is your favorite?What did you enjoy to play?

My favourites are the Supermarket assault gamemode, it was very creative and left a laugh.It And the Team Wars Arena is great, that`s what MTA:DM is all about..

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Haha. :D

I love the Supermarket thing as well. I also loved the Assault Sharks mode. :D

Oh, yeah it is great.I love the sync of MTA, overall.I think the fact to be able to dive underwater for heaps of time, with a thirsty shark, eating players is a great addition to the standard assault gamemode.

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My favorite has to be Matrix Theft Auto. Gamemode by Quest. Heres the IP if you'd like to check it out: Give it a try!!

You can also reach us, and over see the action from the server on irc.gtanet.com #matrix.theft.auto


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