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  1. My favorite has to be Matrix Theft Auto. Gamemode by Quest. Heres the IP if you'd like to check it out: Give it a try!! You can also reach us, and over see the action from the server on irc.gtanet.com #matrix.theft.auto Best Regards- Zig
  2. ZiGGY

    MTA Fast Food

    lol loved the rhyme
  3. ZiGGY

    Radar Issues

    rock on Quest, hopefully we can figure out why this problem occurs!!
  4. hmm I'll check out stealth tommorow never noticed this...
  5. ZiGGY

    spider people! :O

    looks like someone coded something fuxed with opcodes or something.. i think it has to do with stats....
  6. ZiGGY

    [W] - The Warriors

    Check out our MTA server by [W]Quest!!! IP: Client Port: 22015 HTTP Port: 22016 !
  7. ZiGGY

    [W] - The Warriors

    Happy birthday number7! -Ziggy
  8. ZiGGY

    [W] - The Warriors

    herrrrrrrreeee weee gooooo
  9. great trailer! man MTA:DM looks like lots of fun!
  10. very nice, I remember RevC, wow this video kicks ass.
  11. ZiGGY

    Bug Compilation

    noticed the last part was in single player, but anyway pretty interesting bugs...
  12. sounds like alot of fun if they'll do it.
  13. Very well put ChrML... I've always loved MTA since the beginning... And the modification is always fun, synced, and fair. -[W]ZiGGY
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