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WestLAN - The UK's SouthWest LAN Party


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Hello everyone

I just wanted to say about this LAN Party in the South West of England (Devon), its a great place where the punters all know eachother and are happy to see new faces and get to know them too.

A massive viartiy of games are played at this LAN (including MTA), Such games as FPS, RTS, etc etc (No MMO's, go play them at home)

It would be great to see some people from the MTA Scene there playing some hardcore MTA:DM at the LAN.

You can even get to meet such people as Jani (the bastid), he allready attends these LAN's and comes quite a distance to get to them, also you can meet MTA Team members too. (that being myself, if ur really that intrested... haha)

Hope to see you at the LAN!


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