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hidden packages (i'm sorry that i post it here)


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just a question about hidden packages. will any of the packages dissapear if i use cheats within the game? because there is some of the packages I cant find, and i have a map. maby i just should search more, but if they arent in the game anymore, why should i then spill my time.

please help me!.

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hmm... never heard of packages dissapearing from cheats...

and btw, this should be in General, since, while it has something to do with VC, it doesn't have anything to do with multiplayer :)

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This is a helicopter that imitates the Apache. It fires

rockets from it's wings and has a machine gun aswell. The

HUNTER only appears at FORT BAXTOR AIR BASE after the game is

completed or when all one hundred HIDDEN PACKAGES are founf.

If both are done then this helicopter supposedly appears on

the helipad in OCEAN BEACH.

you can even shot with Rockets and the Machine Gun!!!

or click here for a savefile with 100% everything completed!

http://www.gamewinners.com/pcsave.php?f ... cecity.zip

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