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  1. can I play MTA:VC on lan??
  2. aaaw, dammit, i accidently used a cheat and then saed over the other saved games(accidently) does anyone know what you get after the 100 packeges?
  3. just a question about hidden packages. will any of the packages dissapear if i use cheats within the game? because there is some of the packages I cant find, and i have a map. maby i just should search more, but if they arent in the game anymore, why should i then spill my time. please help me!.
  4. yeah is it good? no player animations , guns or cars =it stinks?
  5. but, you got to have both games to play?
  6. are you saying, that there is a multiplayer mod for VC?
  7. oooh...sorry for not using the search function
  8. Rigo2000

    Hell's Angels

    Hell's angel's, what cuntry are you from? it's a real-life biker gang!
  9. what about MTA:Rivaliser. or MTA:rivalising.
  10. what about 3 or 4 teams! it would be really cool.
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