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Canon Ion (MTA:DM)


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Hey I've got it working now. Although this can be a dodgy workaround and it is not designed to work with nuke. Btw, I've changed the ion button to "i" rather than "f" to avoid conflcit with entering a car. If you know how to work a server properly you'd know how to implement ion cannon resource :P

EDIT: I've got problems attaching the file :/

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Well it would be easier to put it in a zip as a straight resource, but I guess we can use pastebin. It's really dodgy the changes aren't documented properly yet, however, the link is right here:


You must make a meta.xml file and the lua file and zip it up yourself though. Have a look near the top of this wiki page if you need help..

http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... troduction

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