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net play is cool and all but can you pc 2 pc also. i suggest

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should future mta releases have head 2 head, 2 player modes?  

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  1. 1. should future mta releases have head 2 head, 2 player modes?

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i am very excited about the next release of mta, but... i was wondering if it would be hard to implement a modem 2 modem death match / tag team. my friends and i are only on a narrowband connection and there would be heavy lag on a server. also, i have created their gta3 games with my custom mods. and i would think it would be alot easier to input games for head 2 head modes.. is this possible??? please e-mail me about what you think.. [email protected]

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cool, i really didn't know. forgive my ignorance, i have not yet played mta yet, i'm waiting for .3 just from my past experience there seemed to be much less lag when calling another computer directly to play head 2 head, compared to server/client play. heh

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I don't think there will be modem2modem support, because the fact that the netcode is actually too big. Even if we would use UDP and compression -btw i tested it and it worked alot faster- the netcode would be too big for a 56K or ISDN 64K modem. The most new games are not optimized for lower connections, just like mta i think. The game GTA3 is just too big. :roll:

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