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Make ur gangs!

Guest Inky

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:D Hey there people, Inky here. My friend and I were talking one day about this idea. We though that it would be sweet, if you could make your own gang! Like, colors, look, name, territory, vehicals and weapons! If someone has already posted this sry :(. That's it. Peace
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.....oh boy, yes this has been posted about, its been posted so much about, that hey IT HAS ITS OWN SECTIOn.

there, now just look for it, its not hard, just need to know how to read thanks..

:idea: THREAD CLOSED :idea:

boy, warlord is slow today, not a single flame yet ;)

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what Bill? you talkin about the big letters that say GANG where people are SUPPOSE to go for gang related stuff? yeah, I think it is a good idea too that people should post in there for all their gang questions and needs. wonder how some of these people can use a puter without excersing there literacy skills. :roll:

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should we keep posting non-sense in here till he does? :P anyway, I think it would be to much work for them to be able to let people come up with there own colors and all that. maybe some time way in the future when they get better at modding it.

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