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Dark Ghost

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This is a GTA-site, it has many information about GTA3 and GTA:VC..

Not everything is yet online, but we are very hard working!

But the forum is online, you can register yourself there. We also need moderators for that forum.

The site is almost finished, and 23/7 up (yes, 23 ;))...

And not so many negative posts back! ;)




Grtz, Dark Ghost

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looks pretty good... but you need something that sets it apart from all the other sites... right now it's a generic GTA3 site.

Hopefully you'll be able to think something up. Otherwise, looks good. :)

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well, just by keeping people posted of the devopment and new features of mods would be more than enough.

I'd probably visit it every day, to check for the development of the mods, and see any features :)

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well you just need to keep up with the news from mta, gta3t, uh, ggm (if they have any) yamm, and stuff, keep a eye out on all the big gangs out there, possibly do an update on them sometimes, keep a list or something or a link to where you can join, anyone else for ideas?

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Hey everybody,

A lot of updates again! Check the site for the list, also we have reached 1000 visitors in a week! That's quite a lot I think, the site only exists a few days... Please register @ our forum, we want to create a very large GTA community!

Today i've added tons of mods/skins/map/tools in the download db, so also check that. We also have some jobs free, so check those in the 'the crew' in the menu...

Dark Ghost out...

(find us @ http://www.gtaplanet.net )

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