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some interesting suggestions


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Hey guys, im going to post my requests here for things to be added, well here tehy are.

*note i know some of these have been done, jsut ignore those*

- stripping, bj, hotcoffee animations to be synched!

- Helicopter with magnet synched

- Pertrol station pumps synched

- Weapon drops

- money drops

- all weapons sycnhed

- ability to do the animations

- ability to get drunk and get dizzy screen

- The functions many vehicles can do (eg forklift,tractor)

- All vehicles (and trains)

- Bomb shop synch


- huge explosions (nuclear bomb)

- able to use the crane and ball/magnet

- change water color, (make it firey - looks like hell)

- add dildo chainsaw http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=28 ... pic=250550

- dual wield most weapons

- gravity change

- water level change

-ability to mash people up in conbine harvester, (bleeding body parts come out)

- even if its not possible ill suggest this, ability to synch 1 ai ped, so we can make gamemodes such as escort the ped to safety while defending him, or first to kill the hidden ped wins

- walking meat bodies (made out of the bleeding body parts)

- did i mention hot coffee and bj and stripping animations (ability to do them on command, so RPG really feels like an RPG)

- dildo rockets (that come out of a flying hooker ped that attacks you , (like those flyign rc planes with bombs but with a dildo lol...imagine liek a superwoman flying hooker shooting them at you, itll be awesome) o_o;;

- ability to not be able to swim, so instead of starting to swim, u just walk normally underwater, so no swimming works 8D!

- non square boundaries, ability to make it a circle shape too etc.

- death icons on the side instead of a death chat message / same for kill.

- TURRETS!!!! ability to have those turret thigns around area51 that shoot rockets at you while in air, this would be awesome for gamemodes,

- killer rc tanks that are ai controlled (like the rc planes).

- killer rc vehicles, they are ai controlled and attack you!

- ghosts, maybe ghost images (transparent) of peds? maybe they attack you too?

- All vehicle functions working,

- ability to go in the TRAM in SF, or create your own tram and tram route.

- ability to not be able to derail with trains, and and also being able to.

- Instagib / 1hit kill mode, but with instagib, u explode into pieces (using 2 arms, torso, 2 legs and a head (all bleeding that are id's, found when cuttin people up in harvester)

- able to spray tag an area like CS

- police heli light synched

- heli magnet able to pick up any car

- a new heli with a smashign ball instead of magnet made

cant think of more right now...but i did have some, well i hope u guys put some of tehse in hopefully ^_^, good job and lookin fowardto release

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LOL hot coffee. Oh man, that'd be funny to do cj's hot coffee animation on a car. Great stuff ramrod. I hope to see this as a mod with the SDK

stupid hot coffee mod stained San Andreas image with parents and other people who believe video games are evil

hot coffee should stay out of MTA

(although, CJ doing a pelvic thrust at a vehicle would be kindof funny)

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It didn't stain anything, it was the media which turned the fly into an elefant. I hate those ignorant buttholes.

Thanks for the correction, you are right, it really wasn't that bad until the media got hold of it. Hot Coffee was the perfect news story for the media, because you know how they often bash video games, and blame them for our youth's behavior.

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Really good idea's but...

Do we really want to enjoy your game style with like firey hell water i prefer not.

And kissing why would i want to go to a player who is a girl and kiss the player knowing they might be some old Dude/or/tranie on the other side of the screen getting his jollie's of pretending to do something like that :S

Well that is what i think and sex hot coffe?

It is called a real person you know that opisite sex of the male the,,

{ FEMALE Also Known as a GIRL!!!! }

Do you have a girlfriend to have sex with or you just go and play gta sa and get your jollie's of having S*E*X with Animated girl's. wierd :S

well there ya go :P


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I was also gonna suggest the magnets. Which you find on the cranes and also the import/export ship. I remember seeing a funny video with a vortex using it as a ride :). I can only imagine all the cool stuff that could be done.( ex: Flying tanks!!!!! being suspended from helicopters, if possible lol).

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