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I had some idea which just popped into me. It's a sort of pacman idea! There are 8 'pacmans' (baggage cars), which have to get the checkpoints. There are also 15 'ghosts' (SUV's) which have to chase and kill the pacmans. Easy, isn't it? Bit of a cops n robbers idea but with a new style.

Some screenies!

Overall view:


It starts when the pacmans have to get the first checkpoints. There is a fence which is so low only the baggage cars cant get through.


You see it here: only baggage cars can get the first checkpoint.


It looks pretty simple from above, but it's quite confusing when ingame.


There is also one helicopter spawn. He can supervise or something :P Or Block some ways.


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I cant say I like it beyond, you where there when I removed it from mictech :twisted: . The idea is ok but it doesnt work so good with many players.

It sure would make players confused, and if a baggage car was pinned down it wouldn't be so fun to watch. I think that the baggage cars would have to be faster than the SUV's (just like real pacman) in order for it to look fun when spectating, but since players don't know the map they would just get frustrated and confused.

If you could make a top-down view it could work tho...

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