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0.3 will be able to do driveby's 1 driving and 1 shooting

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When 0.3 is released, it will have player on foot support.

One player steals a coach.

The other player gets on top of the coach

The drivers start driving the car, the player ontop shoot people from the car.

You can do this with 5 people on 1 coach!

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ATI Radion 97000 Pro is the best video card out currently. It might have some problems with GTA# but im not shure.

I have a GeForce 4 MX 460 and it works fine with GTA3.

Yes I love the Idea of standing on a vehicle... what about the.... umm I forget what truck it is, umm its like a bug militry thing with a large tralier at the back so about 15 people or more could stand in it at once, driving down a street and all shotting at some gang or somthing and grabing the flag would be sweet!

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