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i like the map it makes it verry eassy to fly backwards 8)

jup .. the hardest part of flying backwards is changing from forward to backward motion - especially if you dont know how to fly once you are reversed

this map will allow very easy practice flying backwards - with adjusting the flaps* to keep in flight etc

- so once you mastered that it will be less confusing when your practicing in flight reversing :D

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great, the only thing that's left now is flying upside-down with a helicopter.

which i used to do in Vice City useing the ultra maneuvrable VCN chopper.

(you can do it longer as long as you have more altitude)

im a great flyer, i can fly the dodo no problem, and do backflips! (and non-stop backflips :shock: )

theres a few out there that can do it too. I seen 'em!

i remember teaching people how to fly the dodo in MTA:3 0.5

oops now im braiging, anyways yeah you can fly the chopper upside down

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