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[ENGLISH RP] ArdicGaming Roleplay

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Hey guys - It has been a long time since we last posted or updated this thread. We are aware that the first page is filled with outdated information at this point, but we are happy to announce some new spicy information. The AGRP Staff team present to you guys, something new to the MTA-ROLEPLAY community;





Source: Posted by - SonnyB Lead Administrator on ArdicGaming's offical discord, 11/14/2023;



  1. Hello fellow Community Members! @everyone First and foremost, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who has stayed around in the discord server, despite us being officially closed since (06/11/2023 3:42 PM CET ‘18:00 GMT 0 (DST) for the actual in-game server.‘) We do appreciate your support, both then and we’re going to appreciate the support coming for this great new announcement. For reading purposes and interest, I will keep this post short and simple. General Information: For those of you who have been around since day one of AGRP, you know that we’ve done multiple things within the roleplay community on Multi Theft Auto, we have a long history of both talented ex-staff members and current staff-members, we started out small, but grew eventually, and over the months and years we’ve kept a good handful of loyal players who kept coming back to roleplay and have fun with their friends on our server. Not only did we gain the loyalty of the handful of members/players, but we also gained new players coming from different communities within Multi Theft Auto, as well as SAMP, which was huge for us. For you newcomers, and the newcomers to come, we truly depend on your support to make a fair and square and most importantly, fun playground for all of us. 
    Main Announcement Information: Last time, we were open, we had a day-of-closure database, and that kept everything live from our last journey, but this time around, the experience is completely different. We are happy to bring to you, the audience, our newly invested and dedicated announcement for our new Roleplay Experience. We welcome all of you to “Liberty City”, the city never actively seen before in the Multi Theft Auto roleplay community. We are satisfied to bring to you the most authentic hardcore roleplay experience around with all the fun a server can bring. We are not expecting this to reach huge numbers of players, but we are excited to surround ourselves with our old friends, to enjoy hardcore roleplaying scenarios, possibly to meet newcomers interested in our newly presented Roleplay Experience.
    • Assets from AGRP-Red County? Short and simple. No assets will be transferred, no characters (except for the ones that were Character-Killed previously.) What will remain is your AGRP-Red County account. Reason why everything was wiped was because of the major transfer in the script itself and simply because this is out of the ordinary from where we roleplayed previously, so it would make no sense to transfer the old characters, assets and such from AGRP-Red County.
    When can we Roleplay again? I’m excited!! Over the past two weeks or so - Me myself and others managed to grow the idea of reviving what we once had, but this time, with a twist of our own, trying something out of our box, something we weren’t fully use to, something we didn’t really see anywhere else on the Multi Theft Auto roleplay community, and with the hard dedication of scripters and other staff members, we managed to get the ports we needed to proceed with our new project for the AGRP community. We understand that it’s going to be a little difficult for some to believe in AGRP considering the closure we had a few months back, but with that aside, myself and other ex-staff members just wanted to enjoy the moments roleplaying again, getting together with our people and hopefully meet some newcomers from other communities who have been wanting to roleplay for a good period of time with no active projects around to support their urge to get some great experience roleplaying again. We have yet to fill out a set-date on release, but there is not going to be months-on-months waiting time for this one, we will be fully up and running within the period of 3 full weeks. By the end of this week, we will have an established release date with assurance on when we’re going to be publicly open.
    We would like to thank everyone who will join us on this journey. We are hoping that you guys are as excited and eager as we are. Please stay tuned for more information.
    We hope to see you guys REAL SOON.
    'In AGRP We Trust.' Kind Regards
    - The Upper Administration Team."





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A quick update.






So all in all. We are still up and functioning under the Liberty City universe, meanwhile in the background we are actively working on porting over to Los Santos. We shall be ready to go within 2 weeks or so. But for the guys who still want to get some roleplay in, we are still open for roleplay services. Check us out at the links below. 

Thank you guys for reading, and hope to see you guys in Los Santos pretty soon!!


UCP: https://ardicgaming.com/
Forums: https://forums.ardicgaming.com/
Community Rules: https://wiki.ardicgaming.com/
Discord: https://ardicgaming.com/discord/
Server IP: mtasa://

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