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Found 5 results

  1. About Us ArdicGaming Roleplay is an English-based MTA Server. The community is here to provide quality roleplay along with a welcoming experience. ArdicGaming has been in dormant existence from 2017, when a brief release was available to the public. Years later I co-owned a player's favorite, San Andreas Roleplay with Fernando (Nando) - a household name within MTA at this point. You can read more about San Andreas Roleplay (SA-RP) here. ArdicGaming is supposed to give that nostalgic feeling to players and a warm and welcoming community based in Red County (Los Santos County) to support newcomers, and oldtimers alike. We are here to ensure that we can keep the English MTA Roleplaying scene alive, even if it's only on a small scale! We are determined to show true passion towards the roleplaying scene. Goal Our goals are easy... create a community for all to enjoy, hang out, meet new friends and rekindle with old friends. The English RP community is something that is closely-knit and often brings familiar faces around. We're not here to compete against other gamemodes, we're just here to provide what the players want. With that being said, we are always happy to take suggestions and feedback so that we can provide a community that the players can call home. Staff Team Our staff team is combined with hardened veterans in the roleplaying community, along with newcomers. We have some interesting and talented folk that are with us on this project. Our staff team is the driving force behind the works, keeping the cogs turning so that players can enjoy a fluid experience. Some of our key staff members have returned to take the reigns once again to ensure that the players can achieve the experience they desire. Useful Information We have decided to stick with the SA-RP gamemode along with a day-of-closure database so that players can hop in-game and still have all of their characters and assets. Some players may not have their assets due to removal of powerplay factions and powerplay characters in an aid to balance the economics. This only affected a select few within the server so it's unlikely that you will be impacted by this if you played SARP. We hope to add media to this post so you can see what to expect from us when we officially open to showcase to those who didn't have the opportunity to visit SA-RP when it was around. Useful Links UCP: https://ardicgaming.com/ Forums: https://forums.ardicgaming.com/ Community Rules: https://wiki.ardicgaming.com/ Discord: https://ardicgaming.com/discord/ Server IP: mtasa:// Thank You! Thanks for taking the time to read. We hope that you stop by and check us out. We are always looking to interact with the community, because at the end of the day, without the people, a community is nothing. From the bottom of our hearts, the ArdicGaming Staff do truly appreciate the time that people take to play, interact and contribute to the community. If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. Your time and patience is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you on launch! Please visit the Forums or our Discord to stay up to date for the server's release.
  2. NoMercy ☆ DayZ server made with attention to details, requiring more than just the basics ☆ Discord: https://discord.gg/fSaqsQWgkz IP: Name: NoMercy Map: chernarusplus Platform: PC In order to survive, it is not enough to master a few boring techniques proposed by the creators, but it is necessary to expand your survival skills with new experiences. We want every player to immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic zombie world and be able to take full advantage of the DayZ potential. ▪︎ To survive, it is essential to obtain food from a variety of sources, not just from found cans. ▪︎ Don't just rely on wells to quench your thirst - some may turn out to be emptied. ▪︎ Each animal hunted, each meter run increases the skills levels of the character, which may help player in surviving longer. ▪︎ Experience expanded sickness system, fatigue with necessary, short sleeping time, fractures and the need to use medication wisely. ▪︎ Use an extensive crafting system to craft shelter, weapons and tools. ▪︎ Plan your trip and explore the unique locations that we have prepared, but be careful - another player is not the only threat waiting on NoMercy! ▪︎ You can meet dangerous animals, mutants and a large number of zombies all over the map. ▪︎ The military bases offering the best equipment are covered by toxic and radiation zones, and getting there, without detriment to your health, requires appropriate protective clothing. We have prepared all these attractions with the idea of creating a server for survival fans. Below is a full list of changes and modifications that can be found on this server. ☆ Loot ☆ ▪︎ Reduced availability of items. Nails and ammunition are mostly found in small amounts. ▪︎ Single, full packs of ammunition and nails are sporadic. ▪︎ Krasnostav Airport (Tier 2) - rebuilt location with added custom structures and spawn spots for military and medical accessories. It's one of the spots with a slight chance to get some NBC items. ▪︎ M. B. Pavlovo (Tier 2) - apart from standard military barracks, there are also medical tents and a special box with medical accessories. ▪︎ M. B. Kamensk (Tier 3) Toxic Zone - military equipment, crates and the only place to obtain Toxic Cure. ▪︎ M. B. Tisy toxic zone (Tier 4) - high-quality military equipment and boxes protected by dangerous enemies. ▪︎ Any possible vehicle access road/gap to M. B. Tisy and the NWAF is completely blocked. ▪︎ Radiation zone (Tier 4) - large forest area and Myshkino military base with possible radiation exposure. The area, apart from custom buildings, offers many buried treasures. One of the elements of exploration is searching and digging for them. There are also chests with military loot in the radiation area. It should be borne in mind that both items taken from this zone and your character's clothing may show signs of radiation and it is necessary to clean them from radiation. You can use showers or special decontamination sprays. ☆ Dangers ☆ ▪︎ Mutants, which are some of the most difficult opponents. They deal high damage and are extremely durable. You may find them all over the map, however, there may be larger clusters of them in some appropriate places. ▪︎ Black wolves are enhanced versions of the basic wolves. They are characterized by greater endurance and stronger attacks. ▪︎ Black bears are more dangerous versions of the basic bear. They are characterized by greater endurance, stronger attacks and extraordinary aggression. ▪︎ Increased numbers of zombies can also be found in forests. The difficulty of defeating them depends on the type of zombie you approach. The most powerful of the basic ones are the military types. ▪︎ Toxic bears and wolves. They are found in toxic zones. Much more durable than their regular counterparts. ☆ Survival and Crafting ☆ ▪︎ The character's metabolism is within the standards of DayZ settings and does not make the game easier. ▪︎ Each character has a development system. The more you run, the higher your maximum stamina level is. Choosing the right equipment for your character and keeping your stamina high can increase your chances of fighting by using stronger knockback blows or give you the opportunity to escape from dangerous situations. ▪︎ The higher the character's "Hunting" skill level, the better quality of meat you get from animals is. A skinned animal, at the lowest level of character's hunting skill, provides fewer pieces of food than is known from the basic version. The quality and quantity also depends on the tool used to skin the animal - a knife will provide better quality items than a sharpened stone. Depending only on food cans may turn out to be a bad idea. ▪︎ In order to survive, you need to hunt, fish and look for food in trees and shrubs by approaching fruit trees/shrubs and interacting with them, thereby shaking off fruit (a tree or fruit shrub will not always have fruit). ▪︎ Fishing - there are additional species of fish to find depending on the water reservoir. Each of them has a different calorific value. The fishing rod and hooks can be found in the game, but you can also craft both yourself. ▪︎ Obtaining water from wells is not always possible. The further north you go, the greater the chance that the wells will be completely dry or will produce very little water is. It is also possible that another player was there first and emptied the entire well himself! The water in the wells may partially renew every few hours. Use other water sources and filter the water when possible. Don't ignore the streams! ▪︎ Craft improvised construction tools, knives, light footwear, camouflage, and even weapons such as a crossbow or improvised shotgun, which for sure will come in handy while hunting. Some items, such as metal plates or old clothes, can also be dismantled with tools to obtain useful materials. ▪︎ Craftable Ghillies can be painted with the various colours of the sprays available. There is also an option to create a camouflage poncho in different colours, but it is not possible to dye it later. ☆ Events ☆ ▪︎ Automatic radio events - player with a radio in hand or in inventory will automatically receive audio and text notifications about events in Chernorus and local events near the player. After receiving information about an event, it is marked on the player's map until he dies or the event is over. If an event is already in progress, the audible message may not always appear, but it's still a good idea to turn the radio on and check for active events on the map. Some events with an undefined location won't be shown on the map, but you'll receive a one-time notification of their approximate location. The average duration of the event is 2 hours. ▪︎ Permanent radio event - treasure hunt. Requirements: shovel and turned on radio with the 87.8MHz frequency set. Process: The player moving in direction of hidden stash will receive repeating sound sequence every second until he/she finds the hidden stash or someone else finds the stash or the player changes direction of movement or the player just changes the radio frequency or turns the radio off. The hidden stash will be spawned in a random location from time to time. If there is currently no hidden stash on the map, then there will not be the mentioned repeating sound sequence on any of the radio frequencies. ▪︎ Individual clan tasks - Each clan receives, tailored to it's level, individual clan tasks that allow them to get unique cosmetic items, furniture, and even custom structures, which do not block access to their main clan base - such as garages, sheds, farm buildings, tents , monuments, fortifications etc. ▪︎ Story events - From time to time, there will be common story quests for all clans, organizations and unaffiliated players, which will be communicated by a mysterious sender on #?radio_бункер_87vhf. Events can be expected on weekends (when enough clans or organizations are created), and information about the event can be expected the day before at the latest. ☆ General ☆ ▪︎ To maintain realism, in order to eat, player has to remove gas mask. ▪︎ Gas stations with a limited amount of gasoline, which is automatically renewed over time. There are only a few random, active gas stations with rotation each week. ▪︎ PDA - item available in the game and powered by a standard 9V battery. It is used for communication between players who also own the same item and add each other to the contact list (via Steam ID or character name). You can leave a message to another player for them to read at a later time. ▪︎ Notes - these are created after combining paper and pen. Text can be entered only once. It is not possible to edit it later. It can be placed on a door or any other structure. ▪︎ Ear Plugs with adjustable soundproofing level in the game. Useful e.g. when driving a car. ▪︎ There is an option to create custom patches/flags for clans and organizations. ▪︎ Restarts at 12pm, 6am, 12am, 6pm - 5.5h day and about 0.5h dark night.
  3. Poszukujesz serwera DayZ Bez traderów? Bez bankomatów? Bez przesadzonych pojazdów i bez plecaków z tysiącem slotów? Ale wciąż chcesz by Twoje ulubione mody się na nim znalazły?.....tak? Przybyło rozwiązanie! ☆ Czym jest nasz projekt? NoMercy, to nowo powstały serwer 1PP | PvP Vanilla-Like z modami i ekonomią, które Cię nie zawiodą, ale i nie ułatwią rozgrywki! Prawda - wciąż możesz znaleźć u nas takie perełki jak plecak ze 120 slotami, czy bronie dużego kalibru, jak chociażby M82, ale dołożyliśmy wszelkich starań, by stanowiły one towar eksluzywny, którego zdobycie stanowi duże wyzwanie i nieraz otwarcie wymaga konfrontacji! Ponadto najazdy na bazy innych graczy otwarte są 24/7, ale materiały wybuchowe nie należą do pospolitych. Dobrze się przygotujcie! ☆ Do czego dążymy: Dobrze zbalansowana ekonomia i satysfakcjonujące Heli-Crash'e są naszymi bezwzględnymi priorytetami. Chcemy by każdy gracz szukający wyzwań i klimatu jakie zapewnia klasyczne DayZ, jak najbardziej je u nas znalazł i nie został skazany na grę, gdzie Survival zaczyna przypominać GTA. W miarę przybywania graczy i rozwoju serwera przewidziana jest również organizacja eventów. ☆A co z zasadami?☆ Zasady u nas należą do najbardziej podstawowych i nie wymagają długiej lektury. Jeśli chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej i uczestniczyć w rozwoju serwera to zapraszamy na nasz serwer Discord podany poniżej. ☆Discord☆ https://discord.gg/fSaqsQWgkz Po dołączeniu na kanale "server-rules-regulamin" wyświetla się regulamin i prośba o jego akceptację Wasza opinia i sugestie są dla nas ważne. Przekazujcie je nam na wyznaczonym do tego kanale ● IP: ● ☆Wykaz modów☆ • Community Framework • VPPAdminTools - narzędzia administracyjne • Vehicle3PP - możliwość przełączenia widoku z 3. osoby w autach • SimpleAutorun - automatyczny bieg po wciśnięciu wyznaczonego przycisku • SchanaModParty - możliwość dodania graczy do "party" i oznaczania punktów w zasięgu wzroku • SchanaModGlobalChat - dodany czat globalny • Mortys Weapons - nowe bronie i amunicja • GoreZ - kałuże krwi, rozpryski na ścianach, dodatkowe efekty rozprysku przy postrzale • Easy Map - mapa turystyczna pokazuje Ci Twoją aktualną pozycję • Ear Plugs - możliwość znacznego ściszenia dźwięków gry jednym przyciskiem • CodeLock - nowy zamek na kod do założenia na ściany i namioty • BuildAnywhere_v3 - możliwość stawiania struktur/namiotów również na lekko zakrzywionym terenie • Base Furniture Mods 3.0 - nowe meble i stojaki na broń • Modular Vest System - nowe ubrania, plecaki, kamizelki i hełmy camo • Airdrop-Upgraded - regularne zrzuty różnorodnego zaopatrzenia ( na naszym serwerze nie zaburzające ekonomii ) • RaG_Landrover_Offender - ciężkie do znalezienia pojazdy militarne typu Land Rover ▪︎ Mass'sManyItemOverhaul - nie została wprowadzona cała zawartość moda, a jedynie wytwarzalne pancerze ochronne z blachy, 2 wytwarzalne meble, parę wybranych karabinów snajperskich, 2 kamizelki wzmacniane i 1 plecak ▪︎ VanillaCarsPlus - auta uszkadzają się tylko przy uderzeniu powyżej 50km/h, zwiększona wytrzymałość aut, wzrost maksymalnej prędkości, można korzystać z ekwipunku będąc w aucie, gracz nie otrzyma już bez powodu obrażeń od stojącego pojazdu lub zostaną one zmniejszone ▪︎ TheDarkHorde - na mapie co jakiś czas grupuje się horda, na której czele stoi lider, horda ta podróżuje od miasta do miasta w rejonach północnych (również płn-wschodnich i płn-zachodnich); pokonanie lidera wymaga zaangażowania dużej ilości amunicji, a potrącenie autem nie przynosi dużych efektów; towarzyszy mu biała mgła widoczna z daleka Zapraszamy!
  4. ☆ Survival and Crafting ☆ ▪︎ Craft improvised construction tools, knives, light footwear, camouflage, and even weapons such as a crossbow or improvised shotgun, which for sure will come in handy while hunting. Some items, such as metal plates or old clothes, can also be dismantled with tools to obtain useful materials. ▪︎ Craftable Ghillies can be painted with the various colours of the sprays available. There is also an option to create a camouflage poncho in different colours, but it is not possible to dye it later. ☆ Events ☆ ☆ General ☆
  5. Hello, we are looking for an experienced scripter, for being a 2ndary developer at our hardcore roleplay server, wich aims to be next-gen, to be filled with alot of content, and next-gen features. All of our servers resources were made from scratch by us Requirements: - Be in the European time zone. - Be a teamplayer.Communicative. - Have good skills in Lua, has to write from scratch. - Have a facebook profile lol, and be easily reachable => be reliable and trustworthy We ofcourse offer money, if interested write me a PM, and Ill provide you with tons of other details.
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