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Future map editor, or map creation method?


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Let's say you want to make a map with your friend, but your friend is on the other side of the world...

What if you could make the map editor a multiplayer feature, and let players set up a server made especially for making maps?

Both of you would be placing objects, trying things out. Maybe you're doing a DD, and your friend builds something you think is really cool, so you expand on his design!

This would work sort of like Garry's Mod for HL2, or Sandbox Mod for BF2.


This isn't so much a suggestion for a feature for MTA:DM, but rather a suggestion for something that I would like a little information about. And that is how map making will work in DM.

I have not seen any reference to how mapping will work, nor have I heard anything about if someone is working on it or not...

Although revealing something might spawn more questions, I still think it will be good to let the community know if they need to learn something new in order to be able to create maps or gamemodes.

I personally am slightly concerned about if I need to learn any programming language, especially since I won't have much free time in the future.

The community has spawned a myriad of maps for MTA:SA, I only wish that MTA:DM will keep up the tradition created.

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I feel that the ability for players to create custom game modes themselves is necessary if the map making community is to keep expanding, it would also attract more players to play MTA:DM.

I'm not sure how this would be done, but I feel there is need for some sort of scripting. I personally would like to make the following game modes:

- Street Racing

You start with a set amount of money, and start freeroaming and waiting for races. Races would be announced in chat, at which point the participants would need to get to the starting line (wherever it is). Money would be awarded based on what position the player finished the race with. And then players would have some time to upgrade their car etc.

- Smugglers Run (yes I know, but I can't call it anything else)

Let's say there are two teams, something like the law and smugglers.

The smugglers' objective would be to aquire an object (perhaps a trailer) and ferry it to a set location in order to win. However, the object in question would be random, and it's location would also be random (of course smugglers would get information about the location). The law would patrol a city looking for suspicious activity, and trying to find out what is being stolen, and where it is going. A script would report what had been stolen a short time after the smugglers steal it, and where it was stolen.

Then with a short command like !sighted would send information to the script which picks up the location of the player that sights a smuggler, and relay this information to others of the law.

- Puzzle Teamwork (inspired by a map I've seen)

Your objective is to solve a puzzle in order to let a player or vehicle get from point A, to point B. But the obstacles can only be overcome by the help of others, and with some sort of triggers this could work very well.

There are plenty of game modes that community may spawn, but only if the possibility is there...

So my question is, what are the devs doing to further the creativity in map making in MTA:DM?

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that can all be scripted ...

No, the map editor is not capable of creating gamemodes.

As for question 2), the team have brought up the idea of multiplayer map editing even during Race. Its a feature that might be implemented in future, but due to the work needed on r2 its unlikely to be in the next DM release.

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