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Best configuration for gta mta

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here are some tips about how to configure gta

if you have a 32 mb video card:

dont even try

if you have a 64 mb video:

draw distance: minimum

visual quallity: minimum

pixels: 1024X768X32( if your screen can handle)

if you have a 128mb :

drawdistance: well if you put it too the max you'll have more chance at spawn errors so put it too the minimum or in the middle.

visual quality : max

pixels: what ever your screen can handle

if you have 256mb^ :

everything can be too the highest

depending on your processor

this is data based on own experience and comments

it is not certain it works on every type of video card

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A lot of that is also dependant on processor power and memory availability. If you have a 1.5ghz processor and 256mb of RAM, don't even THINK of putting anything to max, even if you have something like a Radeon X1900 512mb.

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I have a 2.8GHz Intel processor, a gig of RAM, and a 128MB video card. It runs half smooth on almost lowest, if you don't strain it. Problem is, the video card is an FX5200, and if I remember correctly it also had a 256MB version; I doubt SA would've worked smooth on highest graphics with that.

My two pennies.

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My settings in good combination:

P4 2.8GHz w/HT (Socket 478)

512x2 (1GB) Kingston PC3200

BFG 6800GT (AGP/256MB)

Hyundai 17" LCD (L70N)

Game settings:

Screen resolution: 1024x768

System - AA: 8xS

GTA:SA - AA: 3

AF: Disabled (both system and in-game)

Widescreen: Enabled

Summary: Very smooth gameplay with crisp edges.

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I only have a Geforce FX5200 as well which i run on minimum settings at 1024x768 16 colour.

My Geforce 2MX (which recently kerploded.. literally) was able to keep up 25 FPS on all lowest settings.

Plus, my processor is pretty crap, 1.4ghz pentium 4..

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