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What should i do now?

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Ok, so : i have ban in MTA, even through i never played it. I have created a topic with ban appeal, and today is one month old of this topic and there is no answer. rules prohibit re-creating a topic or writing to moderators. I created a new post in an already existing thread, no result. I do not know what topic to write to and where to turn to solve the problem. I pretty sure that "MTA media" is a wrong place for my problem, but i just dont know where else i can do it. I apologize in advance for any violation of forum rules.

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While one month is indeed quite some time to get an answer on your allegedly wrongful ban, please take into consideration that the response times are (severely) delayed, as I explained in your ban appeal here. I undestand your frustation considering other ban appeals are getting handled in a much timely manner, but each appeal and situation is unique and therefore handled as such.

What I recommend you to do is to patiently keep waiting for a verdict. I will try to help you out by tagging @Tut here (as he is the one handling ban appeals in the last months) about this ban appeal, so you can hopefully get an answer a bit sooner:

I'll move this thread to a more appropriate place.

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