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Client side "math.random" problem


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Hello, I have a problem with "math.random" on the client side. Namely, I would like to draw numbers after reconnecting to the server. However, after resetting the resource it actually works, but when the player does "/ reconnect" the numbers are always the same. My test feature is:

random1, random2, random3, random4, random5 = math.random (1.10000), math.random (1.10000), math.random (1.10000), math.random (1.10000), math.random ( 1,10000)
outputChatBox (random1 .. "," ..random2 .. "," ..random3 .. "," ..random4 .. "," ..random5)

- After restarting the resource the commands / restart actually gets random numbers,

but after connecting to the server, he always receives the same numbers again: 93, 3486, 6439, 3433, 4146

(I apologize for grammatical errors, translated by Google translator)

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