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Hello guys, I have a little problem, and I don't know from where it came

Sometimes when some players enter the server it starts lagging so much, when I take a look in Admin Panel (the default admin panel)

I see that every resource is multiplied by 2, means for example 20 resources become 40 resources, is there any solution please?

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Sounds like you run a custom version of admin panel, and that modifications to it introduced a bug (or other server scripts are interfering). Because what you are describing isn't known for original admin panel.

Either restore it to original admin panel or open a new topic in the Scripting board, if you need help finding the problem in your resource.

9 minutes ago, TorNix~|nR said:

the default admin panel

This either isn't true (please make sure) or scripts on your server are interfering. It must be an issue on your end.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team
10 hours ago, TorNix~|nR said:

I want to know if it is possible that the bug is made by 1 resource

It's either interference from something else on your server (yes - a resource) or you are not fully aware of your admin panel's modification status. It's kinda obvious, as no one around here has ever seen (as in: spoke about) that issue you're describing, and it also cannot be reproduced on a clean server that runs default resources, and the latest version of admin panel.

As others that can help you don't have any starting point to identify script interference, you'll have to do some digging by yourself. Then if you find a suspect or the problematic resource, you can open up a topic in Scripting section, if you cannot fix it by yourself.

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