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Hey I was sent here by my fellow server owner, after I was kick from the game for AC#4 HxD
I didn't get any info in logs or in game screen if it's ban or some kind of timeout. I'm guessing it's a ban for a some kind of TRAINER detected by MTA followed by AC#4 code.
Firstly I want to ask if this is a permeant ban or not. Secondly I want to describe that situation wile I was alt tabbed ...

I was working on some DFF files, and one of them was "locked" by me, so I used HxD to remove that lock and import it to the 3ds.
If it's necessary I will try to explain it more deeply. 

Serial: 4563A6D6CD18A795C79A256B2B2F9742

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

It's a kick, and simple to resolve: don't run prohibited software while MTA is active. HxD is prohibited for technical reasons (which we won't discuss).

Hope it helps.. find alternative HEX editor, there are plenty, if you really need to use it while MTA is active.

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