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How DFF works?


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8 hours ago, vicisdev said:

how it's handled the information to show the damaged vehicle?

If you meant damage model, then yes it's inside the DFF.

Looking at http://hotmist.ddo.jp/id/vnode.html you can see _dam variants for damagable parts.

Example: "bonnet_ok" is the regular bonnet (not damaged), and "bonnet_dam" is the damaged one. That's the damage model for said part.

So by creating a mesh for and renaming it to _dam (if your vehicle has no damage model yet), you can add a damage model. I would advise just copying the _ok mesh, as then it's the right proportions and you can easily deform the mesh (like, twist the steel of the regular bonnet, so it's a damaged variant).


But as you're not very clear, if you were talking about collision, then just follow Tut's link.

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