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stil the same problem (the players on the roof)

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I see it evry time i try's biljon times and stil the same. What is hapening:

i choos a team :diablos then i start over there i see some dots and go to thows dots then i see the players. And i press esc then i press alt+tab and i reconect and send game request then i come back and have sometimes 1 thing and sometimes a other thing the furst thing i can have is that there is an player at all the dots and its walking 1 way and he is alwy's going forword and forword and later he koms aganst a wall. and i have the other thing if i come back then i see a car and in that care there is a player but it whont move.


That are the players\skins if you downt see it please download it here:



The Car the downt move


this is the player that is walking like a zombie.

I hope you can help me



The Don[/img]

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People on the roof: supposed to be there... just ignore them

The odd thing is the lack of people in the game with you... check the 'data stream', and see how many k/s it's taking... if it's frozen, then there's an error, and you have to reconnect... (DON'T close GTA3 when you reconnect)

if reconnecting once or twice doesn't do it, try a different server.... Not sure what help I can give past that.

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It stil downt work :( but you try'd to help thx. But when i come back to windows (when i press alt+tab) then i see that the lil box in the richt corner above is stil orange. But nobody is playing.

please somewhon atleast try to help me.



The Don

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look at this:

ppl who have win98 experience a disconnection pb when playing:

1) once the game joined and the team chosen, we see strange stuff for 1 second (car flying in the air etc) then everything goes dead and you play like if you're alone.

2) alt-tabbing to the console we notice that the line "D/L rate:xx" is stuck. that means the exchange of data is cut.

3) disconnecting and connecting again doesnt solve the problem. it goes back to situation described in 1)

we notice that outgame chat is possible if we havnt switched back to the game yet. once we alt tab to the game to play, and alt tab back again later, the exchange of data is cut, and outgame chat also.

so that means in more clear terms:

-> connection to the server is cut when alt-tabbing to gta3 for play.

ppl who experience this have win98 and DSL connection

they have disabled their firewall, and use ASE to choose a server.

it would be nice if you go through a test on a win98 computer to see if you experience the same things.

good luck



The Don

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Player A is playing.

Player A's GTA3 crashes, but his MTA stays open.

Player B is playing.

When player A's GTA3 crashes, then player B sees player A walking straight forever.

Player B is sad, and posts on the forums, because player A was his friend, but is now a zombie.

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player B reconects and have a car whit a player in it not moving

player B try's agan and now there are 2 cars and 1 zombie

Player B downt no what to do and post in the forum


ya, okay, I give up :P

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I have the exactly same problem...at first I think they are players. Since once, I see one shoot me back when I shoot him and he enter the car and move but then he just stuck (the car doesn't move).

C'mon...there must be solution for this problem :?

NOTE: I never find any server with ping below 100 LOL the lowest ping I can find is about 900 and I use 56k...

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Im new to the fourm but hey i get the same freaking problem. Nobody moves, When i retry i might see 1 or two people standing some were not moving and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so evil! Please MTA team fix this problem.

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I hate posting 'me too' posts, but this seems to be a common problam, and the more people who have it and post, the more likely we can find common symptoms and perhaps find a solution....

I have _exactly_ the problem described in 1st post.

winME, DSL (through NAT router), GTA3 1.1 +nocd

I real hope this can get fixed fast, or I can't play :(

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