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Evening all, well it's 23:37 in London where i live anyways.

I played VC a lot last year and mainly enjoyed doing simple stunts like simple flips off ramps, but that was all i could really do. I saw some awesome stunt demo's but i assume by now there's a load more even better ones. I'm just interested as to what you think is the best stunt video you've seen, and a link would be nice too :D.

I've just finished installing VC as i was writing this, so i'm gonna start mucking around with the bikes and practice. I've been playing SA recently so that's what's prompted me to come back to MTA:VC until MTA:SA is released, and i'm looking for a clan to join if there's any takers, i'm 17 and i'm english. I have TS assuming you use a voice comms, or i can get ventrilo if you use that instead.

But anyways, i look forward to your replies.

Cheers, Mark.

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unfortunately the stunting community's main forums are down atm. But i recommend all ATS vids, ZS vids, and 2 DA vids. Animosity of TS. Stuntd2 and tons of others that are in the classics section just to name a few. PM me or Bloodymess13 your prob and we'll get it fixed :wink:

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